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Welcome sissy to living in this matriarchal Household

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to self-realization and have had the courage to admit to yourself that you are NOT a man but a sissy. A very important first step in your new life as a sissy. Of course now things are about to change for you and I do so hope you are ready for what it means to be a sissy living under a matriarchal system. I hope for your sake that you are ready to embrace a whole different way of thinking, behaving, serving and worshiping.
Being a sissy devoted to serving a Goddess rather than a male or your own self-serving interests alone, will require dedication, focus, obedience and yes the courage to let go off all that you ever thought you knew and any expectations that was conjured up by your sweetly foolish and misguided male mind.
Fortunately for you, I am here to guide you, educate you, and teach you how to find harmony, inner bliss, purpose and happiness in your new subservient role as a sissy living under a matriarchal system. Are you ready for your first lesson and to find out what your life will look like dear?
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