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I expect this from My good boys

Bitch Boy Conditioning MP3 by Goddess Bella Donna

Goddess educates and conditions you in the proper bitch boy mindset as I require from My good boys. Listen closely and understand why all the things I teach you here are so important in the final decision if you would be able to earn your good bitch boy places with Me. Do you think you have what it takes to become one of my good boys and make this Goddess happy?

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Length: 31 minutes
Size: 29 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 11/4/16 10:34pm

The Power of my beautiful hands

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As a submissive male or sissy you shall quickly learn the power of my beautiful hands. Guided by them, controlled by them, and commanded by them via various hand gestures. It’s time you learned a few simple to remember hand gestures which you must know and obey as one of my submissive pets. Buy, watch and surrender to the power of my beautiful hands now. Femdom, Female Superior, Sub Conditioning, Hand Fetish, real nails WMV format

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Length: 5 minutes
Size: 120 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 3/1/16 9:37pm

Are you willing to sacrifice your cock and balls for Me slave

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Your Goddess sits you slaves down and has a very important talk with you about castration and penectomy, which leads up to the all-important question Are you willing to sacrifice your cock and balls for Me slave?

I point out the many different things to keep in mind, what you may be facing after the surgery, and the mindset you must have before agreeing to make this final supreme sacrifice in order to be My full property as a Nullo Eunuch slave.

I address this for both sissies and male slaves. In the end I caution you to truly be certain if this is what you want, because once your cock and balls are removed youll never get them back and have to live with your non-genderness for the rest of your life. Do you want to be my property enough to give your male identity up willingly and lovingly? Hear Me out completely before making this decision.

15 min. 20 sec. WMV

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Length: 15 minutes
Size: 137 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 640×480
Added: 5/4/16 2:22pm

Understanding being beta and the paradox of losing yourself

Audio Recording

The world if full of paradoxes and it often times is driven by those same paradoxes as well. Paradoxes are in a way the ying and yang that is necessary to balance yourself out and at the same time it makes you become more than you were to begin with. A better, more balanced you, which in the end can go deeper, reach higher, achieve more, while worrying less.

It means taking the meaning as we perceive it and turn it on its head until it becomes something else. Loss becomes or leads to gain in this case.

The Paradox of losing yourself is no different darlings. In most cases we have to lose ourselves in order to truly find ourselves on a level that takes us out of our comfort zone. It is human nature to be afraid of the things we don’t know, have never tried, don’t understand and appear to be different then who we are. It is human nature to attempt to remain within our comfort zone, but remaining in our comfort zone does us no favors. It stops us from evolving, it stops us from gaining new experiences, and it most certainly stops us from reaching our goals. It stops us from becoming that which we were meant to be all along, and that is simply genuinely ourselves.

Today’s wisdom of your superior Goddess and Queen is all about that very paradox of losing yourself and why it is so important to let go, sink deeper, get lost and more in order to find yourself maybe for the very first time. I show you the difference of how we may use losing ourselves in religious fetish in order to indulge what I often lovingly call doom pornography, and what it means in the case of the life and essence of a beta male or submissive male who finds himself beneath his Alpha leading the way. Two different things with one being a roleplay to simply arouse in a deviant way, while the other is truly a path of the paradox of losing yourself that leads to a glorious goal of truly being who you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to follow where I lead? Religious fetish understanding of losing yourself (doom porno) as one aspect of losing yourself. Sub mental conditioning (main focus) in beta male / submissive male understanding. Alpha role and beta role, stages of losing yourself and explanation, losing yourself that leads to gaining your true self. Superior Goddess education and mental conditioning for submissive and beta males. 32 min. 49 seconds MP3

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Length: 33 minutes
Size: 31 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 6/14/16 12:04pm

Mechanical Human Ashtray you

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Today I am going to use you and condition you as My mechanical Human Ashtray. This clip is filmed in a kneeling up (you) POV. Get ready to amuse and serve Me as my “whiring” Human Ashtray. Ash Consumption, mildly humiliating, cigarette extinguishing on tongue, butt consumption. For best “enjoyment” you should have a cigarette burning so you can perform the actions I am ordering done. 8 min. 37 seconds WMV

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Length: 8 minutes
Size: 93 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 7/30/16 7:00pm

Are you ready to become My Nullo Eunuch Property?

Audio Recording

For the last 5 years you have begged to become My Property and now you’ll finally get the chance, but before you get this great honor to be “branded” as My Slave Property you will have to sacrifice your cock and balls to Me. Listen closely as I tell you about MY personal rule for allowing you the honor of becoming My Nullo Eunuch Property and then decide if you are ready to sign yourself over to Me. Chastity, Castration, Penectomy, Nullo Eunuch Property 10 min. 33 second MP3

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Length: 10 minutes
Size: 10 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 10/3/16 5:03pm
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Forced Smoking Instructions

Pushing your limits

Smoking Fetish Clip for sale

Screenshot from Clip Forced smoking Instructions - Pushing your limits by Goddess Bella Donna

Free 2 min. Preview Sample:

Now read the description and buy the full Clip smoke slaves!

It’s that special time again when I force you deeper into your forced smoking instruction addiction and this time I am pushing your limits. Quick Succession hard hitting forced smoking commands and difficult smoke holding threshold conditioning.

This clip is not for beginners and you should have a bottle of water near by. You’ll need it when I make your lungs burn and your throat feel like a wasteland. Today – Marlboro Menthol Light 100’s – You should have at least 2 handy. Get it now, obey, be My good Nicotine addicted Tar Bitch as always.

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Length: 10 minutes
Size: 123 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 640×480
Added: 9/20/16 9:16pm
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The brand new pair of Boots

Audio Recording

Paul is a boot fetish boy who considered himself submissive, but he doesn’t learn the true meaning of being dominated until he asks for an appointment with a booted BBW Goddess. Before he gets his wish, he is given a task to find HER the perfect pair of new Boots to worship during the Session. Enjoy. 28 min. 11 second MP3

Price: $19.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 26 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/18/16 12:46pm