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ROLE PLAY goddess bella donna

Zombie Puppet Witch Mindfuck Audio

Zombie Puppet Spelll by Goddess Bella Donna

I am fucking your mind until you can no longer think for yourself at all. Dual Layer Audio that will rob you of your senses. In the one layer I tell you about the Witches around you, how will get under your skin, that we are all around you, how we pray on your fears and more.

The second layer is Me casting a Zombie Puppet Spell over you and reach deep into your mind, taking away your ability to do anything but listen and obey Me. I dropping you deep into a sphere of erotic horror arousal. There is no escaping Me and My Coven Witch Sisters.

Price: $25.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 26 minutes
Size: 25 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 12/29/15 8:29pm

I cast a Gay Hex on you MP3

Casting Gay Hex by Goddess Bella Donna

Faggot – essentially a bi-sexual or “straight” male who enjoys sex with both genders but is totally in lust with cock. Well you have been a faggot long enough now,, it’s time you forgot about sex with women and became gay for Satan! Audio

Price: $5.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 6 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 11/23/15 10:42pm

Consumed by LUST Spell Demon Enhanced MP3

Sinful Spell Mindfuck by Goddess Bella Donna

Goddess has cast a lust spell on you that will have you consumed by lust. The Demon Lord of Lust lends his voice in unison with mine to rise the power even higher. From left and right the moans of the lustful appear in the background as we cast upon you. From Earth to Hell this spell is cast frontwards and backwards until you are fully consumed.This is a multilayer Audio Recording in my personal to me demonically enhanced style.As always make sure you download this recording to your computer and listen to it with your headphones on so you get the full effect of this delicious satanic sinful spell mindfuck recording.

Category: AUDIO ONLY
Related Categories: FETISH, MIND FUCK, ROLE PLAY
Price: $8.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 8 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 7/13/15 6:17pm