Smoke Puppet Mindmelt

It’s time for a brand new Smoke Puppet mindmelt

Mesmerizing, mind-melting, smoke induced good boy puppet induction.

First a note by your Goddess:

It had been a while since I was filming a smoke puppet mindmelt and I wanted to do something a little different then just sitting there and smoking at you. So I decided to have some fun with the effects settings on my webcam. After a few moments I noticed that as I was smoking and moving a little Star would appear at the junction where my hair came together. It was basically at my Crown! The smoke seemed to flow into the Star and fed it with my lovely streams of exhales.

Of course that made me think of my good boys out there who so easily become mesmerized by my smoking ways and go deeper and deeper into their smoke puppet place for me.  I was quickly starting to think of the star, which I was creating with my mesmerizing movements and feeding with my smoke, as you. After all my good mesmer smoke puppets are a Star at my Crown.

That is how the name of this clip came together.

Good Boy smoke Star mindmelt.


As you are surrounded by your smoking Goddess, you are being created as my smoke star good boy puppet as I feed you my smoke exhales. You pulse and exist, brighten and expanding, for me. You are my good boy smoke star puppet and at the very end you will erupt in cum for me.
Keywords: goddess bella donna, smoke mesmerization, good boy mind melt, smoke puppet
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Length: 9 minutes
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Enchanted by your BBW smoking and dancing Goddess

Enchanted by your BBW smoking and dancing Goddess

Sensual and mesmerizing clip by your BBW Goddess Bella Donna

Screenshot from Enchanted by your smoking and dancing BBW Goddess

I cast a special kind of wordless enchantment over you as I smoke and dance in this glorious outdoors setting, dressed in my long black dress. Slow, sensual movements, pull you into me and make you feel so weak. Lose yourself in me and worship your BBW Goddess.



Keywords: goddess bella donna, enchanting, big belly, goddess dancing, mind melting, sensual

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Good boy sacrifice and home coming mind melt

Good Boy Conditioning

Mental Conditioning for good boys and lovers of financial Goddess worship by Goddess Bella Donna

Note by Goddess:

You all love hearing the phrase and praise of “good boy”. Even the most wayward among you, in the end want to be “My good boy”. That is a given. However hearing those all important “good boy” words comes at a price.

It takes sacrifice and worship of your Goddess. Financial Goddess worship, which allows you the pleasure and bliss of knowing you have lived up to your purpose.

This Audio Recording is both relaxing and mentally intoxicating. It’s your coming home to Goddess after a long day at work and returning back to the place you love best. Surrendering at my feet.

The cost of this Audio is on the higher end for a reason. The price includes your tribute and cum tax to me. Doing it this way is so much easier for you. This way you don’t need to struggle to obey further.

If you want to hear my seductive and loving voice praise you as the “good boy” you want to be, then you’ll find the money to buy it now!

You have come home to me after a long hard day of work and now it’s time to listen to the voice of your Goddess, relaxing you, taking your day away and returning you to your place at the feet of your Goddess. I bring you home like the good boy you are and eagerly sacrifice what is mine. (Your cum and tribute to me).

Note: The cost of this mind-melting Audio is your tribute to me, you may consider it your cum tax and good boy adoration for me.


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You’re just a filthy faggot cum dump whore

You’re just a filthy faggot cum dump whore

Faggot cum dump reinforcement by Goddess Bella Donna

Dual Layer audible humiliation and faggot “encouragement” mind fuck. Listen to this recording with headphones on so you don’t miss anything as I make it clear to you that you are just a filthy faggot cum dump whore!

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Smoke Induced Masturbation Puppet Mind Conditioning

Smoke Induced Masturbation Puppet Mind Conditioning

Buy Clips by Goddess Bella Donna

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Watch your Goddess smoke and feel yourself falling deeply into a smoke induced masturbation puppet state. Goddess conditions your mind via her long tendrils of smoke and her seductive mesmerizing words. All you have to do is sit back, watch and listen, and stroke yourself for me, like a good smoke induced masturbation puppet for Me. You can’t resist, you must watch Me smoke and stroke for Me.

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Length: 15 minutes
Size: 251 MB
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Resolution: 640×480
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