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Zombie Puppet Witch Mindfuck Audio

Zombie Puppet Spelll by Goddess Bella Donna

I am fucking your mind until you can no longer think for yourself at all. Dual Layer Audio that will rob you of your senses. In the one layer I tell you about the Witches around you, how will get under your skin, that we are all around you, how we pray on your fears and more.

The second layer is Me casting a Zombie Puppet Spell over you and reach deep into your mind, taking away your ability to do anything but listen and obey Me. I dropping you deep into a sphere of erotic horror arousal. There is no escaping Me and My Coven Witch Sisters.

Price: $25.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 26 minutes
Size: 25 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 12/29/15 8:29pm

The importance and benefits of indulging in the 7 sins MP3

7 sins conditioning by Goddess Bella Donna

Your satanic Goddess is back with this life and mind altering 28 min. Teaching and corruption Audio recording in which I clearly point out all the benefits and the necessity for you dark minions to indulge and embrace ALL of the 7 Sins. Sit back and listen as I break the chains of your religious bondage and set you free to be the fulfilled sexual and human creations you were always meant to be. You’ll soon see why serving the Charlatan God is not in your best interest. If you must serve anyone, serve your dark Lord Satan in the female form instead. You’ll be so much happier my satanic minions. 27 min 46 seconds

Price: $25.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 26 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/24/15 6:11pm

You are about to get your dream!

Get your dream today by Goddess Bella Donna

You are driving down the Highway when suddenly your Radio flips to a different station and a voice begins to speak to you. A voice to warn you that you are about to get your dream, but at what cost?

Mindfuck, Paradox, be careful what you wish for, a warning from beyond.

Price: $10.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 10 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 5/20/15 6:57pm

The humiliating truth and MY power over you!

Prepare to humiliated by Goddess Bella Donna

There is nothing more humiliating than knowing exactly how I will use all your weaknesses and how I will manipulate you and humiliate you in order control you and use you for MY own personal benefit, and still walking right into it.

You cant help yourself poor darling, after all you are just a weak little beta male and puppet. Get ready to fall in morbid fascination as I take you via this intelligent Teacher / Professor styled audio recording down the rabbit hole to drop you at My feet.

41 min. 41 sec. Audio Recording MP3

As always make sure you download this recording to your Computer and listen to it with your headphones on for best quality.

Price: $30.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 41 minutes
Size: 39 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 5/20/15 6:18pm

Good Boy Cashpet obsession Tribute

Audio Recording

You are obsessed to being a good boy cashpet for Goddess, and never feel as aroused or worthy as when you please your Cruel Findom Deity.

Stroking is never as intense as when you have earned the privilege to touch your cock for ME once I feel that you have been a Good boy.

Of course you cant resist my soft voice, my sweet seductive tones when I tell you all about your Good Boy Cashpet Obsession and take you deeper into understanding your place in my greedy world.

Good boys know to feed My greed and the pleasure of hearing Me whisper You are such a good boy for Me.

This is a Tribute MP3 for Good boy Cashpets who know that only those who are obsessed with pleasing ME the right way, will get the reward of My attention. Which means you have to reach into your pockets NOW pay the Tribute in order to receive this 8 min. 51 seconds Good Boy Cashpet Obsession MP3 as your instant reward.  Good boys know how to please!

Price: $49.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 9 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 10/5/15 7:13pm

You are a Shemale Cock Worshiper

Audio Recording

Mind-melting Shemale addiction Audio. You will not be able to resist as Goddess brings you to your knees before the superior Shemale Cock. The Shemale is your deity whom you must worship by sucking her Shemale Cock and receiving the Shemale cum sacrament. 5 min.

Price: $5.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 5 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 3/1/16 9:20pm