The Giantess secret of her sorcery

The Giantess secret of her sorcery

BBW Giantess Vore fetish fiction Clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Note by your BBW Giantess:

Filming Giantess clips while traveling in my RV is not the easiest thing to do, but that has never stopped me from shrinking you down to size for my pleasure and amusement. After all, being such a huge Giantess you’d be unable to see all of me anyways. I am simply too big to take in for you.

Recently I have had the pleasure to film a few exclusive custom clips for a wonderful “snack” who seems to really enjoy being shrunken and eaten by me in a bed of cheese.

Now personally I LOVE Cheese! It’s one of my favorite snacks and if you offer a Giantess yourself as the meat filling on a delicious Cheese Sandwich, well I am right there. 😛

This gave me the idea for this lovely little eating fetish, vore, Giantess and Sorceress mind fuck clip. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did filming it. By the way, you are all rather delicious…..

The Giantess Secret to her Sorcery


BBW Giantess Goddess Bella Donna screenshot BBW Giantess Bella Donna is devouring some cheese and tells you about the secret of her longevity, power of shrinking, and other Giantess powers. Spoiler alert – it’s little men cheese Sandwiches. Watch and listen as your Giantess eats her cheese and teases you about being her meal.

Giantess Fetish, Mind fuck, vore, eating fetish
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Wicked forced punishment feeding you into being a disgusting fat Pig!

Wicked forced punishment feeding you into being a disgusting fat Pig!

Revenge based forced feeding and weight gain fetish fiction Audio by Goddess Bella Donna

You wake up in my cage, stripped down nude and with your scrawny body shivering as I walk back and forth in front of it, taunting you, humiliating you and explaining to you how you ended up here. You made the mistake to have a big mouth and call me a “fat bitch” after I rejected your sexual advances.

Instead of my feelings being hurt and my self-esteem plummeting by your name calling, I am making you pay for it in a wicked and evil way that will change your life forever. I have decided to force feed you into becoming such a disgusting fat pig that your fat rolls will have fat rolls, and your flesh will force itself through the bars of my cage until you look like a pork sausage.

I am not going to feed you into demise, that wouldn’t be fun, you’ll suffer so much more once I have kept you for a year and set you free. Of course by then….

Debasing, humiliating, devious, revenge based forced weight gain and forced punishment feeding fetish fantasy of the darker variety. Get ready to turn into a disgusting fat hog – scrawny boy – I am ready to get MY pound of flesh lol.



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Fat Faggot Masturbating Sow Destiny Brainwash

Fat Faggot Masturbating Sow Destiny Brainwash

Fat Faggot Humiliation by Goddess Bella Donna


This is a dual layer Audio Recording (MP3) for all you fat faggot masturbating Sow (sissy) humiliation Junkies out there. On the first layer I tell you all about your future as you turn into a Fat Faggot chronic masturbating Sow which women will despise. In the second layer I am whispering suggestions into your mind that you simply can’t resist. One of My ultimate humiliating mindfucks that you all love so very much. Oink once, eat twice, get addicted and get this Audio now. 7 min. 52 seconds.

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