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 heart Mature BBW Momma Bella heart

Profile #963789


For  Diaper Fetish Boys, Adult Babies (boy, girl or gurl), Sissies who need a strict but caring Momma Domme to control them, Momma's Boys who know that they'd be lost without their Mommy Dearest, and other submissive men  who are looking for a strict but caring older Disciplinarian / Maternal type Domme. 

You may call me on this listing:

Click here to Talk To Me

yes Your Relationship Lifecoach! angeldevil

Profile #383778


For Fetish Discussions and Chit Chat, Femdom Advice and Female Domination / male submission or cuckolding topics you may call me on this listing:

Click here to Talk To Me


devilSatanic Goddess Bella Donna devil

Profile #940991


I am the woman you'd never suspect will be your downfall and doom.

Deceptively sweet, with a wickedly kind voice, and an addicting joyous laugh that will make you fall in love with this Devil Woman.

I am Satan in the Female Form.

I am the Sinstress who enables your naughty desires, deepens them with loving encouraging words.

I become the satanic Mother Superior to whom you confess your sins. Like a dark Mother and Goddess I teach you the pleasures of the flesh and point out the foolishness of religious dogma.

In due time I become your only true God/dess for whom you'll sacrifice everything. Remember my pets, mine is the real of deception. Don't come here expecting to talk to someone who sounds deranged and demonic. Satan lures you with kindness, not chases you away with fear. Haha.

Religious Fetish, Blaspheme, Erotic Puppeteer, Sin Encouragement, Religious Humiliation, Sinduction, Goddess Worship, JOI with prayer, and more

Note: Dear Sinners, know what it is you want before coming to this listing. Silly boys with no clue what this fetish is about will be turned into Toads. "Just kidding" ...maybe

Click here to Talk To Me



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You may also utilize Niteflirt as your Fetish / Femdom Phone Platform of choice with me. Don't confuse the two Platforms however. TalktoMe and Niteflirt have different TOS regulations. I take LIVE Calls, Sell some fetish content and offer PayPerView Email Conversations via Niteflirt via the Listings below:

Strict Sissy Enslavement and Conditioning!

ext: 9473405

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on




✸ ✠ Hardcore German Discipline!! ✠ ✸

ext: 11147974

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on



✹ Strict Mistress for female slaves & faggot boys✹

ext: 11220174

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on

Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on


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Naughty Magical Witch Sex

Audio Recording

I am a novice Witch whose boyfriend has a love for sexy witch sex.

Ever since we discovered that I can magically transform myself into any form I desire you always want me to transform myself into someone different when we are having sex.

We love it when I cast a hyper growth spell on your cock as we are having sex. In this Story I transform myself magically into a young hot 18 year old Asian High School girl. I straddle you and continue to cast magic spells to make your cock hyper big.

I guess a lot of naughty lust causes me to desire a hot young Asian male now as well and I decide that all is fair in love and sex, and transform you into exactly what I desire.

Oh yes your sexy Witch knows exactly how to control our sex life magically. Lots of magic spell casting, transformation, hot sex, naughty wickedness, hyper cock growth, magic sexual control, and more. Note:

This is the erotic sexual part of a much longer witchy story I wrote. You will hear the story fade in at the beginning and fade out in the end, leaving you with only the magically controlled hot sexy fun. *Winks*

Price: $23.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 22 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 4/1/16 5:11pm

Masturbation Zombie Brainwash

Audio Recording

Layered Masturbation Zombie Brainwash encourages you to keep stroking, masturbate and empties your mind of anything else with each stroke you make. You can’t stop masturbating, you MUST stroke yourself! 7 min. MP3 3 layers – music background, main brainwash induction, left / right chamber reinforcement.

Price: $7.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 7 MB
Format: MP3
Added: 7/6/16 5:11pm

Slowly adding the content back

Quick Note Update


Now that Sale is over on Niteflirt and all the Goodies have been removed on My Main Account it’s time to get things in order here now.

As I had mentioned in my last update post I removed all the content announcements from everywhere since I had lowered prices on many of My Clips4Sale Items in the various Studios and it would have just gotten too complicated to track things down etc.

Now I am slowly starting to add them all back on here reflecting the correct prices and other information you want.

It will take a little bit of time, because I don’t want to spam systems etc., plus honestly I am bit tired today after only having had about 3 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours.

I want to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes, so please be patient over the next few days as I’ll bring all the Clips4Sale Studio Content back.

In the meantime let Me do it like this for you just so you get a quick link over to the various ones.


You may also want to check out the changes on My Niteflirt Profile and listings so you can stay up to par!


Oh and for those who just have to have some Niteflirt Goodies … you can go and buy what’s on PayMePiggy Goodies Page.

Click here for those!

Tada for now!

Goddess Bella Donna

The Fate of the great Tickle Inquisitor


Goddess Bella Donna reads one of her original Tickle Torture Fiction Stories on Cam to you


Screenshot from Goddess Bella Donna reading Hello Darlings, Goddess Bella Donna here, and I decided it would be great fun to allow you to watch me as I produce one of My Erotic Audios for you.

Today I am going to tell you my newest original erotic fetish Story: The Fate of the Great Tickle Inquisitor”.

I want to give muse credit to “TickleTrapped” with whom I enjoy doing karmic revenge based Tickle Torture Roleplays on one of my Phones lines.

Our Roleplay Tickle Torture Fetish Phone Sessions are the inspiration for this Story. A first of many more Tickle Torture as well as other Karmic Revenge Type Fetish Stories to come.

This Story is set in the time of the Great Inquisition during the Witch Hunt Times.

The great Tickle Inquisitor Cardinal von Kietzel tormented and tortured women via nefarious and wicked Tickle Torture to extract Confessions from 100 women. When he ended up mistaking the innocent Farm Girl Valeria for the Witch High Priestess Bella Donna, it set in motion his doomed fate at the hands of that same Witch High Priestess who had him , captured and brought to her in order to visit some devious, wicked and evil tickle tortures on him to pay for his wicked ways.

Forced male orgasms, tickle torture, magic control, revenge based karmic justice, mind-fuck, bondage, are all fetish topics of this fun until it laughter turns to screams story.

I hope you enjoy watching me read this story for you and get a kick out of my tickling you fingers and expressive facial expressions as I take you into a world of tickle torment fantasy. Don’t forget that I have several Studios here with more Audios and Clips of mine. Check them out sometime. XOXO Goddess Bella Donna

33 min. 31 seconds WMV Format

Price: $39.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 33 minutes
Size: 377 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 7/30/16 2:17am

Sissy Garden Siren Spell

Audio Recording


In a deceptively sweet and enticing voice I cast the Sissy Garden Siren Spell on you. This Spell seduces you into My Sissy Garden where I’ll turn you into a pretty sissy who’ll be trapped in my Garden of pleasure forever. Mindless, MY sissy forever, and pleasuring men for all eternity. This is a dual layer MP3 which will make you so weak and eager to enter MY Sissy Garden. You can’t resist this Siren Spell. 5 min. 24 seconds

Price: $5.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 5 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/15/16 11:09pm

Her wicked best Friend (Home wrecking fantasy)

Audio Recording

MMMM what can I say about Julianna besides that she was beautiful, seductive, manipulative, wicked and eventually your downfall.

She was also your ex-wife’s best friend or so you both thought.

Your wife trusted her explicitly and thought that Julianna only wanted her best, and in a way that was true she really did.

She already knew how to get it all too and the tool to gain what she wanted was as usual the one thing that is oh so easy to twist and mislead. You, a weak easily seduced and corrupted male, but don’t feel bad you weren’t the first and you won’t be the last.

Let me take you back to the beginning of this ill-fated sordid affair which ended up wrecking your home, brought you close to ruin, and has you know sitting across from me with your head in your hands, tears streaming down your face as you hand over $500,000 you had to go into debt for in order to be free of Julianna.

Price: $30.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 38 minutes
Size: 35 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/16/16 1:41am


Chronic Masturbation and cum eating fantasy

Audio Recording


The chronic masturbation and cum guzzler competition!

You don’t mind that I signed you up for a little competition do you?

I figured taking your addiction to jerking your cock and how your eyes glaze over at the very thought of eating your own cum into account, it would have been almost neglectful for me not do it.

With your dedication to edging, chronic masturbating and your love of thick creamy cum, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if dream of masturbate all day long and eating your cum as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. If cum was a primary food source that would allow you to stay healthy you would be one happy pervert!

I happened to come across a little advertisement the other day at one of the Adult Bookstores I take some of my little fags to in order to practice their cocksucking skills. After composing myself from laughing hard as I read the advertisement and double checking that this was not some hoax I couldn’t stop myself from signing you up. Seriously this competition was made for palm humper like you.

7 days of wanking and cum eating. The Winner will be declared the official Stroke off Cum Slurper King of 2016 and you even get a bronze “dick in hand plaque” for your wall. Ha I can just imagine the interesting conversations that would spark as your friends and possible girl-friends come over for a visit. *Chuckles* It’s literally a plaque in the shape of a cock being fondled and stroked by a hand with the words “Stroke off Cum Slurper King of 2016” written on the Balls! How hilarious is that? I almost want you to win just so I can take a photo of you holding it up in triumph with cum still drying on your lips! Well enough teasing I guess I better give you the details now. I can see you are already growing a bit impatient to practice!

Price: $13.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 13 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x

The brand new pair of Boots

Audio Recording

Paul is a boot fetish boy who considered himself submissive, but he doesn’t learn the true meaning of being dominated until he asks for an appointment with a booted BBW Goddess. Before he gets his wish, he is given a task to find HER the perfect pair of new Boots to worship during the Session. Enjoy. 28 min. 11 second MP3

Price: $19.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 26 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/18/16 12:46pm

Sissy Orientation at the Hades Lust Den (Fag Brothel)

Audio Recording

Quick Overview

Naughty sexy Sissy Fantasy Story with a wicked twist. Goddess takes you for your first orientation in Hades Lust Den (aka. The Faggot Brothel) where you’ll be a wanton Faggot Whore.

Extended Teaser:

Hello again Sissy, I hope you are ready for the naughty adventure of your life.

By now you should have gotten over your fear of trips to Hell. As you can see the Hell of MY creation is nothing at all like the Hell you have grown up with.

No my dear sissies, in this Hell of your own personal Satan in the female form it’s all about forbidden pleasures and hot lustful infernal eternity for My sinfully obedient little sissy whores. After all you had to commit a lot of wicked debauched acts to make it into My Sissy Harem and Temple.

In the end you have always known that you’ll be serving cocks in My glorious Name and will learn the true meaning of a hellish hot time. The one thing you have been waiting for ever since you have entered into satanic sissy service and conditioning has been your service in “Hades Lust Den” aka the satanic Fag Brothel. Located in the 13th circle of Hell, right next to the Sissy Breeder Halls.

Rejoice oh naughty sissy, because today you are having your first day orientation at the satanic Fag Brothel. *Hands you a tissue, you are dribbling a little dear* Are you ready to go? Well come on then, walk through the sparkly red portal, click your black hooker heels together 3 times and say. There is no place like home… Sorry sissy I just couldn’t resist. 27 min. 44 seconds

Price: $19.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 27 minutes
Size: 26 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/21/16 1:59pm

Content Sales Changes and update

Please read carefully

Niteflirt oriented updates:

Due to various reasons I don’t wish to go into here but I can assure you have been contemplated deeply by me before acting upon, all Goodies available via Niteflirt will be deleted and removed for good here come Monday September 26th 2016.

This time I will not merely archive my content on Niteflirt and set it to private as I have done several times before but literally delete it and keep it on a personal backup drive ONLY. You will no longer have access to it either now or at a later date via the Niteflirt Goodies Option. So if there is something you want and don’t have yet you need to purchase it before MIDNIGHT Saturday September 25th 2016.

Will I stop selling content via Niteflirt?

No I won’t, but I will stop selling it via Goodies period. What will happen is that I will create written and audio content as well as Photo Packs weekly on 2 separate days and sell them via PPVs only. I will rotate them on My Profile Page 

They will only be on for one week there until the new ones become available and after that will only be visible via this BLOG HERE or via My Niteflirt TOS ok only Blog

Due to too many complaints from consumers on Niteflirt about the Mass Marketing Spam they seem to get from all of US Ladies across the board it has become now necessary for you to physically send Me an email on Niteflirt to let Me know you wish to continue getting NEW PPV announcements. If I don’t get an email from you, you won’t hear from Me there again unless you call Me or tribute for a Paid Mailer Conversational Exchange.

Moving on to Clips4Sale

I offer various Clips, Audios and Slideshows on My Clips4Sale Studios. My Fans and Buyers have shown themselves to be very loyal over the years to Me and have gone out of their way to keep buying the content I put out. I swear some of you must have every single item I ever released in your particular fetish category. For some I have become their fetish, which tickles Me pink to be honest.

I am the type of person who believes in rewarding those who treat Me with such love and devotion and so I have decided to go through all of My Content on all of My Studios and have lowered  95% of the Prices there as a thank you.

This of course means that I will have to redo the Audio, Slideshow and Clips announcements here as well to reflect the new Prices correctly.  Since I do have a fair amount of them up this will take Me a couple of days to accomplish. Since it is a lot easier for Me to just pull them all down and put them back up with the new information and this way making the navigation a lot easier, I will pull those listings down as well on Monday and work very hard on putting them all back up quickly.

Oh and for those of you who have never seen some of My classic clips from years ago before I had the weight gain that made Me a BBW Goddess …. You may want to check this out:

While I redo the clips and audio announcements here you can find the Clips, Audios, and Slideshows on Clips4sale via these links:

Fat, Mature ‘N Fabulous Studio (My catch all and various fetishes one)

Erotic Audios by Goddess Bella Donna (My Erotic Fetish and Femdom Fantasy Audio Recordings)

Obey your satanic Goddess (Sinful encouragements, corruption, religious fetish, blaspheme fetish and Feeder Mistress for Fat Piggies, humiliation, forced to gain weight for Me, eating instructions etc.)

Moving on to TalkToMe:

For those of you who are not aware of it, I take Calls on TalkToMe as well on 3 Listing profiles there.

Mature BBW Smoking Mistress

Click here to Talk To Me

Your Relationship Lifecoach

Click here to Talk To Me

BBW Momma Bella

Click here to Talk To Me

I do sell content via each of these listings as well, however I do not have a way of placing it on it here as an announcement since it won’t give me a linking option. To see what I have and will have available there you need to click on the link to each listing and look for “View My Products” on the side. Click and it will take you to My Products available.

Right now I don’t have too many items on them yet but this will be changing soon.

Moving on to various other Services and Products I offer:

Starting as soon as I have finished redoing this Blog here and readjusting everything that needs readjusting, as well as doing the same thing to and I will be working on a Blog which is dedicated to Sissies and Femmi Bois. I don’t want to give too much away yet so you’ll just have to wait for the big reveal… *winks*.  I am shooting for the Grand Reveal and Opening for this Blog Site right around Thanksgiving of this year, maybe sooner. So stay tuned.

If you are familiar with PalTalk I would encourage you to green up or get yourself an account there. I am going to open up a new Chatroom there very soon in which you can come get to know Me, talk to Me in person and be used, played with and placed under My control in either a group (open chatroom) or private 1 on 1 Setting for a cash Tribute to Me. I will start having regular bi-weekly fetish events and meet n greets there for you to join in. You will need to pay a small Entry Fee to Me since I will have it set to Members only so I can control it and make sure only Adults get in as well as only those who are really there to have fun. More on that as soon as I have set it up. I will invite some of My Mistress Friends from time to time to join Me. Each Event will be advertised and posted up here one week in advance so you can RSVP.

For written Content like Stories, Tasks, and other fun things I am going to expand a little more into Amazon purchase options via PDF purchases or direct purchase option from Me to you via email and payment request. For Amazon I have to make sure I stay within their rules and see what all I am allowed to do a little more. Direct Purchase Option you will need to pay close attention to what you need to do and how you can pay Me to receive the products you want. I will make sure to have them all available as a PDF since you seem to have an easier time opening those in general.

You may also want to start keeping an eye out in December on MY Bookstore since I will be releasing 3 brand new Fetish Fiction Short Stories Books just in time for the Holidays.

I am not sure you are familiar with Gumroad or not. I do have a Store there as well under

Gumroad is very strict on what you are allowed to publish and sale, so again I will only be able to offer very specific items there. However you may wish to bookmark the link as well since I will begin to populate it with some of My writings within the categories permitted to Me there come November.

For those of you who enjoy supporting My creative writing processes and would love to be a part of helping Me to get more Books out to you as well as get a few items in the meantime, you may want to check out My Patreon page.

You always did want to become a patron of the Arts didn’t you? Well now you can do so for your favorite wicked Goddess – ME.

Wow that was a mega update wasn’t it my darlings and friends. Oh and one more thing there seems to be a rumor circulating on Social Media (at least that is what I have been told by a couple of My niteflirt contacts – I have personally not seen it) that I am retiring. If you have seen that rumor let me assure you it couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything I am stronger and more involved in keeping my power flowing over those who deserve this special privilege. THIS Goddess isn’t done yet and I am not going anywhere. Whoever is spreading that silliness is having a bout of wishful thinking at best. Haha.

All My love and spanks to you all.

Goddess Bella Donna