Meet Goddess Bella Donna, Sessions, Services and other Information!

Before I get started let me mention that I feel really silly writing these types of “about me” Pages. It always feels to me like I am putting in an Ad on some twisted dating site. *Chuckles* That stated, this is going to be me “talking to you” in a casual way and off the cuff so to speak in order to introduce myself and then go into being very professional in order to introduce the services I offer to you.

If you are a stout hearted and loyal fan of mine, you already know a lot of this, but eh it’s always amusing to read what comes out of my finger tips next right? So here goes nothing. Time to “meet Goddess Bella Donna”.

My Professional as well as Domina Name is Goddess Bella Donna, and to quote “Shrek” I am like an Onion. I have many layers. These days I am what you call a Nomadic Goddess, which translates to I am a full-time RVer who lives and travels in her 32ft Motorhome in a very sedate pace across the USA.

I suppose I should mention ahead of time that I am a “pain in the ass” for most Grammar and Spelling Nazis. Even after 28 years of purely speaking, writing and reading in English, I still make the occasional spelling and grammar mistakes. English even so my primary Language now is not my native language. I was born and raised in Germany and came to the USA back in 1988. Back than i made the conscious decision to communicate in English only, which has caused me to pretty much lose most of my native language, but that doesn’t mean that some of the English Language doesn’t still flummox me from time to time. Spell check only takes you so far. So let’s make a deal shall we? When I mess up, don’t get upset about it, but laugh at my “writing with an accent”. Trust me my family has a whole book with sayings I butchered over the years, words I mispronounced, or statements I made which has them roaring in laughter. I will always do my best, but I don’t catch it all the time. So have fun with it. Life is too short to get upset about the little things.

I have been part of BDSM, Fetish and Kink since 1992. Like most people who have been part of something for such a long time I have undergone many different changes and evolution. My days of feeling like I have to prove myself or something in general are behind me. As far as i am concerned I earned my stripes, paid my dues, and am established enough that I no longer have to jump through the circus hoops of people who don’t take the time to research me.

Likewise, as with most people who are openly them-selves on the Internet, I have had my fair share of Haters, supporters, trolls, controversy, naysayers, and more. I always tell people that it’s best if they take everything someone says on the Internet about anyone with a grain of salt and only believe half of what they hear or read. Form your own opinions and think for yourself. I am no longer interested in explaining myself to people who have entirely too much time on their hands and make a lifestyle out of trying to disrupt other people’s business.

I am a Fetish Goddess, a FemDom (female Dominant), SexWorker (Phonesex, Content Producer), Adult Business Woman, Indi-published Author, Artisan, Traveler, Sapiosexual enabler of kinky desires, Satanic Goddess (read free thinker), Non-politically-correct Smartaleck with a lot of common sense and a reasonably good heart, alternative lifestyle life coach, Bitch with a fun attitude, and so much more.

In my personal life I am a Mother of Adult children and a Grandmother. So if you are intelligent you don’t come at me with something that would get your cock and balls removed permanently before I think you need to be turned into compost. This is a nice way of saying that I literally HATE Guys who can’t wait for someone to turn at least 18 before they think they need to fuck them. How is that for diplomacy?

I was born April 8th 1970 (do the math so you can figure out how old I currently am.)

I am a “large and in charge” BBW, or if you prefer since we are being blunt here we can always use the Tag line of one of my Clips4Sale Studios: I am fat, mature and fabulous.

I stand 5’5, weight between 246 to 252 lbs (depending on time of month), and wear a size 2 to 5 X depending on brand and style of clothing.

To some of my pets I am known as “the Goddess of Gluttony” because I feel no shame about my enjoyment for food, my big soft belly, or the additional weight on my body.

I am a source of utter frustration for those who enjoy trying to “shame” or “cyber bully” or tell me that if I don’t agree with their “morals” and what they deem I should feel and say in conjunction with  my points of view, fetishes, age, size, gender, race, or anything else feeble minded trolls might come up with.

Sorry loves, but as Hellraiser would say:

I have been called probably just about every stupidity in the book by now and each time someone wastes their breath on trying to tell me what I can and cannot say outside of the LAW and my own personal judgement I only have one bit of advice for them:

See, I am nice, I wished them a “nice day”. (I said I was a smart-ass).

The point is that I know what and who I am, and if you are confident in yourself then you don’t give power to the words of people who don’t even know you and are just trying to cause issues. That may have worked on me 20 some years ago, but these days it’s just a bunch of foolishness.

I’ll leave this here, but for those of you who want to get to know me more on a personal base (non-fetish and just as a human being) you can do so on my blog:


Now to my PROFESSIONAL SIDE and you may want to check out the Page title “Before you ask” as well.

I am not part of a big Studio and don’t have access to super expensive professional equipment. Which means my content is produced on what I consider a more amateur type level. With my traveling my background is limited to what I can do. An RV doesn’t have space for a Dungeon, big fancy setups, or fun green screens etc. I will always do the best with what I have available to me, so please keep that in mind when indulging in my content for sale.

These days the venues and platforms I utilize to offer my content and services to you are:

Niteflirt, TalktoMe, Clips4Sale, Skype (paid sessions only), and Amazon for my book sales,, and long distance email fetish sessions (paid only) via my email

Depending on which Venue you go through that will determine which type of Content and Fetish / Kink categories I can offer to you.

Here is a little quick overview of the Fetishes and Kinks I personally enjoy and can indulge in with you across the board.

I do have several more but they are not in keeping with some of the TOS regulations on Niteflirt, so I kept it basic.

Yes, I do produce customized exclusive content. I do have some non-negotiable rules that govern that offer.

  1. I do NOT film nude or semi-nude! All of my clips are dressed in what I have available to me. Traveling means having limited space for clothing on board. I film usually Torso up. Make sure you have purchased some of my clips before requesting a customized clip from me so you are familiar with my style and the quality of the Product.
  2. All customized content I produce for you is EXCLUSIVE TO YOU and you alone. I do NOT grant permission for resale or public posting anywhere. I will not resell the content either.
  3. I do offer customized clips (see number 1), Audio Recordings and Original written Stories. See my list of fetishes and kinks above to see what I topics I offer.
  4. Prices depend on type of Content, length, Media choice (clip, audio or written), and intensity. Email me at with questions and for price quotes. Sincere only. If you come off as a wanker I’ll ignore the email.
  5. I reserve the right to deny a request for customized content. If I tell you “Sorry no!” you need to respect it. I will be polite and give you my reason, but the decision stands.
  6. I do NOT start producing until I have received full payment upfront. My typical turn around on content deliver is between 24 to 48 hours. Most of the time I can do it quicker, but since I travel I’d rather give myself a little time leeway.
  7. All of my products are sold as is. So again, make sure you are familiar with my style and the product quality I offer.
  8. Extensive Hand-holding services are extra. If you are someone who just loves or needs a lot of attention during the ordering process or discussion of content, you can pay for my time to give you that extra attention at a rate of $10.00 per email response or reading fee. Nothing personal, but there is customer service and then there is taking advantage of a content producers time that goes too far. In general it doesn’t take longer than 3 to 4 email exchanges to get a product ready for production. Those 3 to 4 are free, after that I start charging.
  9. There are no do-overs or add-ins once I am in production. So make sure you get everything ordered correctly from the start.
  10. I produce on a first come – first served base. I will shoot you a quick update email when I am ready to produce your content and let you know the approximate delivery time.
  11. Fast tracking your order If you need to have it within 2 to 3 hours, I will charge you an additional $100 on top of the fee quoted to fast track the order.
  12. I do put my copyright on all of my content. DO NOT REMOVE IT!

Ok now you have all the information you need for that. The rules above are not negotiable.

Purchasing Content and/or a Service from me versus requesting to become one of my long-distance / online submissives and /or cashpets:

Let’s get it out of the way now. This way we won’t have any misunderstandings in the long run.

What both things have in common is that you will end up having to spend money on me in order to get what you are looking for. I do NOT give my time, skills, attention, and expertise away for free. That is nothing personal, but simply something you need to respect. I am a Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Queen. This is how I earn my living and how I finance my travels as well.

The difference is if you are a submissive who wishes to serve me or a Fetish client who want to purchase a service.
I have taken the time to write out some information below for sincere seekers of my dominance over them and a wish to SERVE ME and be conditioned by Me online here is a little PPV series you need to purchase and read to get you started with me. I offer this one via NITEFLIRT only, which makes it easier for me to track and at the same time assure that you are over the legal age.

After you have purchased and read the PPV’s above you will understand what it means to be a submissive to me and yes even why you need to tribute and spend your money on me as part of your SERVICE TO ME. I am not going to bother writing it all out again and explain it. I have already done so in the PPVs above. Show your sincerity by starting there.

Once you have gone through the entire series you can choose to contact me to ask to be considered via Niteflirt in which case you will remain purely with Niteflirt or you can email me directly via my email address to continue the process. If you choose this second option you will need to give me the Member name through which you made the purchase of content so I can check to make sure you have indeed purchased and read the entire Series.

Now to you Fetish Boys, Patrons, Buyers of Content and Services:

I do NOT give out “free samples” other then the ones I choose to give. If you are on one of my mailing lists you will receive them as they become available. You can optin to one of my mailing lists which gives you some of those little free things here and there via Niteflirt by using this button below:

Or you can become a Patron on Patreon and make a monthly pledge to have access to some of my stories, exclusive blog posts for supportive Fans etc:

Always make sure you read the description of the content you purchase carefully. I  produce content for straight males, bi-sexual folks, homoerotica, erotica, and more.

I do write and produce content from time to time (mostly Audios and stories) that are non-kink, non-fetish, non-FemDom but just hot erotic mainstream fantasy content in which I am the Story Teller. I enjoy letting my creative mind play.

Skype Session Information:

Sessions on Skype are either Text or Phone as default UNLESS you have made an appointment for WEBCAM Sessions and paid a Deposit. You can request an appointment for a Webcam Training Session with me via my Email:

Due to too many “just add me to be your friend” guys you will need to send a $20.00 Tribute to be added to my Skype from here on out. Tributes can be made in the form of a E-Certificate made out to “Anywhere” or E-Certificate to

Put you Skype Handle in the Note Part of either of the Options above and sent it to the email address given above. AFTER that you may sent me an add request at Skype MizBellaDonna2you and in the note of the add request let me know which option you have chosen. No Tribute – No Add.

Session fees depend on what it is you are looking for and how much time you want. Prices go up with bad attitude and inability to use your manners with me. All sessions are pay to play only.

Fetish, FemDom and Roleplaying Phone sex information:

My Phone sex Platform (Niteflirt and TalktoMe) Services can be found at the Sidebar of this blog. Click the buttons and it will take you to the correct one.

Niteflirt is my primary Platform and the one I sign into daily. TalkToMe is my secondary.

Direct Texting Options:

Yes, I do allow direct to my Cellphone texting options for a weekly tribute to be paid upfront. For obvious reasons I am not going to give out my Number for free here.
Packages start at $50.00 a week and go up from there depending on how many text exchanges you want. This is for submissive boys and sissies only who want a more direct contact with me.

Email me for more information at and use your manners when requesting information. This is for SUBMISSIVE men and sissies only.

Ok I think that gave you enough of an overview for now. Make sure you subscribe to my RSS Feed to keep updated whenever a new blog post or announcement comes available on this blog.

Goddess Bella Donna