Dear Fans, Clients and subs

Dear Fans, Clients and subs,

I know you enjoy my kinky creations, wicked mind, naughty fetish content and personal interactions with me. I am happy that you do and I enjoy creating this fantastical playground of the mind and senses for you.

Ours is a symbiotic relationship (hopefully) in which both sides can have a reason to smile in the end. It takes great fans, supportive clients and generous subs who have my best interest as well as my continued success at heart, in order for me to have the peace of mind to be able to continue on doing what it is I do. The less I have to stress about money, the more relaxed and creative I feel. Win / Win.

If you would like to be counted among my great fans, supportive clients and wonderful subs whom I greatly appreciate and value as well, here are a few things you can do to assure that I have the peace of mind, time and motivation to continue offering my services, produce the content you enjoy so much, and guide you on your path into your kinky Journey as your Goddess, Confidant, FemDom Guide and Fetish Play Partner.

#1 Purchase my content as it becomes available and avail yourself to my services whenever I am available and you are able to afford them. It’s a win / win situation. You get to enjoy the content and services which you crave and I am able to pay another bill, put money away for a rainy day, upgrade my equipment, and continue to travel the way I enjoy.

#2 Leave a Tribute or Money gift for me when you can afford just to show me that you appreciate what I do. Every Lady loves to be appreciated and spoiled a little. It motivates me and really gets my creative juices flowing.

#3 Help to spread the word about me, my content for sale and the services I offer. Word of mouth and positive testimonials are always a great way of helping any business to grow.

#4 Don’t spread my content around on the Internet for free and don’t remove my copyright from my products. Not only is this illegal under the law, but it is also really dishonest. I should be paid for my work, time, skills and effort.

#5 For my subs and potential subs in particular – Contribute towards goals I have and things I actually need not just stuff that turns you on. Right now I have a Laptop replacement on my Amazon Wishlist which has been a primary gift wish for a while now. Without a decent Laptop which works well I am unable to produce content of any kind and am unable to run my online Business. Buy it for me or contribute E-Certificates towards the purchase. You can sent the gift cards to I never forget those who do right by me.

#6 Tweet and retweet my Content announcements and availability statuses as they come available or any other supportive type of opportunity tweets I send out. Favorites don’t do anything, retweets and tweets do.

#7 If you are one of my Niteflirt clients don’t block me if you decide you don’t want to receive my announcement Newsletters. Instead send me a quick email to let me know you still want to be able to purchase my content and make calls to me, but don’t want to receive my Newsletters. I’ll honor the request.

#8 Please don’t push TOS violations on the various Platforms. Each Platform I use has a different set of TOS rules which I have to respect. If I tell you no to a topic matter, please drop it on there. Do NOT ask me on one of the Platforms about the other. I won’t be able to answer you.

#9 Please understand that just like everyone else I have bills to pay. Don’t get upset and rude when I ask to be paid for the work I do. I can’t say this often enough, I am not singling you out for this treatment. This is how I support myself and my travels. There just is no room for free in this.

#10 Once in a while I have a little time to just Twitter Chat with my loyal supportive fans, clients, subs and other spending on me individuals. If you are not one of those, don’t be surprised if you get ignored. This is a special little chat time I give to those who support me financially via their purchases, money spend on calls and sessions, and tributes. Basically those who understand who to be show their support and continued desire of my success for me. it’s my way of thanking them and acknowledging them. I can’t thank and acknowledge you for something you haven’t done for me.

#11 Please speak up and speak clearly when we are on a Phone Call together. Know what it is you are looking for and make sure I offer what you are looking for. With other words, be a doll and read my listings before calling. I want to have a good time with you, not get annoyed by the first 2 minutes into the call. I can’t be your play partner if I can’t figure out what it is you are looking for because you don’t know, I can’t hear you or understand you. Thank you for helping me out in this.

#12 Bookmark your favorite venue of mine and check back often to see if I put something new out. Sometimes I am not able to update this blog right away due to a heavy production work load, busy with sessions or calls, in the middle of traveling to my next destination or spotty internet access. I try to keep this blog as updated as possible, but it is still a better idea to have my various Venues you personally enjoy in your favorites and bookmarks.

#13 (Just because 13 is my favorite number) Don’t be a mooch. If you are a fan, a client, a sub then you should be willing to do whatever you can to help support me as one of your favorite Sex Workers, Content Providers, Fetish Queens and all around fabulous mature BBW Goddess.

Goddess Bella Donna