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Welcome sissy to living in this matriarchal Household

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to self-realization and have had the courage to admit to yourself that you are NOT a man but a sissy. A very important first step in your new life as a sissy. Of course now things are about to change for you and I do so hope you are ready for what it means to be a sissy living under a matriarchal system. I hope for your sake that you are ready to embrace a whole different way of thinking, behaving, serving and worshiping.
Being a sissy devoted to serving a Goddess rather than a male or your own self-serving interests alone, will require dedication, focus, obedience and yes the courage to let go off all that you ever thought you knew and any expectations that was conjured up by your sweetly foolish and misguided male mind.
Fortunately for you, I am here to guide you, educate you, and teach you how to find harmony, inner bliss, purpose and happiness in your new subservient role as a sissy living under a matriarchal system. Are you ready for your first lesson and to find out what your life will look like dear?
8 Pages


These male behaviors will NOT be permitted sissy

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I can dress you up in sexy clothing, teach you to suck a cock and bend over for men. I can teach you how to put on your makeup, wear a lovely new Wig, and sissy that walk. Teaching you those things is easy, but none of those things are as important as the mental reprogramming you will require to become a proper sissy to a Lady of Power. If your entire goal is to dress slutty and service men or play with toys, then you really don’t need any of this. Men in comparison to women are easy creatures to please. Dress like a sissy, make some mewing noises, suck their cocks, bend over for them to use you as a fuck toy, and your job is done.

If you want to serve a woman as a sissy however you are dealing in a whole different world and set of expectations and it is a lot more difficult to find favor in her eyes. So if you want to be a lazy sissy, then only serve males. There your slut services are all that is needed in general to be successful, for a woman however you need to step up your sissy game 100%.

This is all about mental adjustments and male behaviors you need to let go off if you wish to ever stand a chance of being accepted as a sissy in the life of a woman of Power who will not only accept you but enjoy having you around. That’s your dream, right sissy? Well then you better take notes and take the wisdom of THIS Goddess to heart. Remember Me taking My time to teach you and guide you is something you should never take for granted and with that let’s get started.

11 page mental adjustment teachings for sissies primarily, but also good for beta male aka bitch boys.


Your Fat Hog future is sealed

Buy written content by Goddess Bella Donna

You thought you knew what you’d get yourself into when you joined My FAT HOG for Goddess Bella Donna club. Maybe you should have paid attention to the information and read the fine print on the document you signed. You signed yourself over to Me for a duration of 5 years and gave Me card blanch power over your eating habits, weight gain and body period.

You gave Me full power over how I would turn you into the fat disgusting hog of a male I want you to be and if you would have paid attention you would have also seen that at the end you wouldn’t be free but sold on a Fat HOG Auction to the highest bidder to do with you as they please at that point.

Little did you know that you signed up for truly wicked and evil doom to befall you, but now that you are in my cage let me enlighten you fully. I can’t tell you what will happen once you are sold off at the Auction, but I can tell you what really happened up to now, what the next 9 months of your life will look like, and just how foolish you were to fall for the pretty little lies I told you to make you feel like being My fat Hog was the only way to go. I did always warn you so that I am wicked and evil, so maybe you should have listened to Me on that. OH well eat up while I take you through it all, I guess I owe you at least that much. The truth of your sealed Fat Hog Future … and doom.

Written Fat Hog evil Feeder Goddess fiction story. Twisted, darkly deviant, erotically horrific, and deliciously evil.
Enjoy My little Fat Hogs.


Truth and uses for small dicked fellas

Buy written content by Goddess Bella Donna

So here you are, tiny dicked, desperate, humiliated, kinda lost because you can’t really figure out if I am encouraging you, humiliating you, teasing you or what. All you know is that this is getting you fucking hot and now look at the mess you are in again. Seriously, you are drooling again… drip drip drip…
You need to be open minded for this one since I touch on different things. Straight, bi, etc. It’s a teasing written mindfuck.


Halloween Month Masturbation Edging Task

Written Task

Let’s have some fun this Halloween Month with costumes and your cock. No I don’t want you to wear costumes but the costumes you will run across or see this month will decide when and how often you stroke. You will edge until the “cum dates” I give you. You receive 2 of them. Bonus Strokes mentioned at bottom of Task. Are you ready to play?


The Tickle Torture Void

Tickle Torture Fiction Story by Goddess Bella Donna

Professor Solletico Mostro stood in silent contemplation at the Window of his Laboratory. He had been tasked by the Government to come up with a renewable energy resource that wouldn’t deplete the rest of the natural resources we have. So far he had tested many of the theories out there but kept running into the same problem over and over again. Each new method of creating the new energy ended up causing more harm in the long run when it became necessary to dispose of it or the additional components necessary to create it. It was a conundrum of epic proportions.

As he looked out of the Window he saw several people standing around chattering with one another and laughing together. Each time they laughed particularly hard he noticed that it would set their entire body into motion. They were expanding energy which was created by their laughter, he mused to himself, now if only we could find a way to harness this.

For the next 3 days, Professor Solletico Mostro was behind his desk, drawing up designs for an apparatus which would be able to keep individual people in a perpetual state of uncontrollable laughter and which would then siphon that laughter through a tube which then could be turned into pure energy via a transformer. He wrote formula after formula, drew and adjusted the drawings of the mechanism, and did calculations as to how many people would have to be set to laughter for which time frames in order to get enough energy to power let’s say the lap as a test. It was revolutionary thinking that was for sure, but it would have to be a controlled test and he would need volunteers and at least a couple of assistants to aid him in this endeavor.

Exhausted after the 3 days of unending planning and working he fell asleep on his desk with ideas still running through his subconscious mind.

Little did he know that when he would regain wakefulness he’d be the ground zero test subject for this new green energy theory, at the hands of “The Tickle Torture League of Doom”.

7 pages of Tickle Torture insanity producing methodical wickedness by your Evil Tickle Queen Goddess Bella Donna


The Story of Jessica’s big pussy aka sissy cuckold frank

Written Content

After Jessica’s friend Julia confides in her over the phone about yet another argument with her loser in bed husband kevin, Jessica decides it’s time she’d tell and show Julia about her cuckolding relationship with her big pussy – aka her sissy cuckold hubby. Julia gets quiet the education as she goes over to Jessica’s house that afternoon and finds out just why Jessica’s husband frank now is called “big pussy”. (written)


Tricked into sissification by the devious bartender

Written Content

She was getting really tired of those overly handsy drunks in the Bar where she was tending the Bar. One day so she found the perfect solution to her problem. Now there is a gurls only table at the back where once the biggest lushes once sat. It’s a miracle what a little pill can do for you. *Evil laugh*


Congratulations! You are a gay sissy!

Written Niteflirt PPV

Becoming a sissy is a little bit like being reborn into something that nobody ever expected you’d be. At some point in life they probably wondered about your effeminate swishy behavior, but in general they probably just figured you were a bit on the wimpy side. Let’s face it, there are a lot of males who have to first grow into themselves, but that wasn’t you. No you had a different story that you were hiding.

This is your story! Buy now and keep reading!

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