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Overviews and announcements

Just in time for this special weekend I have decided to do a little 50% off flash sale for my Niteflirt Goodies!

Don’t wait this won’t last! Take advantage of those reduced prices now. Various fetishes visit my Goodies Page at https://www.niteflirt.com/GoddessBellaDonna#goodies now to see what all has been put on sale. Enjoy!

Goddess Bella Donna

Do you enjoy reading my stories?

Branching out to a new Venue with Rewards for my Patrons of the written word!

Announcement – Please read carefully and consider becoming a supporter by making your pledge today!

Hello my naughty ones!

I love to write! That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you I am sure and I am in the process of branching out beyond my regular fare of fetish, femdom as well as erotic fiction I have been writing for years.

If you have taken a moment to read my blog post “Once upon a time I will make all my dreams come true” on www.paymepiggy.com you got a little bit of a background to my love of writing and my plans for the future.

What is probably more interesting and hopefully exciting for you personally so is that I have decided to start a Patreon Page in which I am and will continue to post a lot of my older fetish stories as well as several new and upcoming exclusive for my Patrons Stories there as well.

I know a lot of you are on a somewhat tighter budget these days or have grown a bit sick of the technical difficulties on some of the Venues I use when attempting to purchase one of my written Stories. Several of you have reached out to me and made your frustrations with that heard to me personally. I can assure you, that it is just as frustrating to me as it is to you.

So I have decided to give myself a new outlet to bring my stories to you and it gives you the opportunity to read some of my content which shows my branching out into the more Paranormal Fiction world as well.

The minimum Pledge amount to gain access to my Patron only content is $5.00 a month, and there are several different pledge tiers available that come with very specific and I think awesome rewards for you.

Many of my new and upcoming Stories will become available via the Patreon Option only in written content, and I will sell it in the Audio Recording Version on Clips4Sale and /or Niteflirt (depending on topic matter).

Further more I have planned on adding Audios for my Patrons on Patreon as well who shall gain access to those with a minimum pledge of $25.00 a month. The more pledges I get the more Audios and Stories I will release there. There are even a couple of Pledge Options in which you get to have a say in what type of Fetish Story content I release, as well as become a Creative Chat and Muse Partner to me as well.

I know that for some of you being part of the creation process is a lot of fun, so that is an option for you to indulge in and enjoy.

Any time you see this banner appear on an announcement of a new Story from me here, it means that it has been added in written format to my Patreon Page for my Patrons to enjoy as well.

Not only that however, but you’ll see some exclusive for Patreon blog posts emerge as well on my Page there, in which I share a little bit about my writing process, teases of upcoming things I am working on and more.

Another wonderful and somewhat intimate way for you to become part of my creative world, and one in which you can make a big difference.

Even if you can’t afford to spend $5.00 and up a month in pledge amount, but just want to support my creative process (every dollar pledged gives me more time to write and create for you) you can always Pledge as little as $1.00 just to let me know you are a Fan of mine.

I appreciate it! None of it is ever taken for granted by me, and it will make me smile to know that you are supporting this dream of mine to branch out further into the literary world.

There you go! Take a look and if you feel inspired to do so, please become a Patron of my written Art at Patreon today!


Goddess Bella Donna



Introducing a new Series inspired by the “tomorrow people”.

Journal Post

Who are the tomorrow people? At first when I thought about this two word phrase I thought of a group of futuristic individuals. You know, someone who was working hard on a better future?

After a while however I realized, that these tomorrow people never seem to accomplish anything in the here and now. They are too busy planning for tomorrow, talking about tomorrow, and dreaming about tomorrow. They are constantly tuned into the procrastination station.

Tomorrow is a long way away for those people, but they are good for one thing in the here and now. Creative musings! At least for me.

Lately I have become intrigued with the idea of what life would be like in the years 2070 and later. I’ll never find out of course since by that point I will have moved on to my next adventure, but it is fun to create an entirely new civilization around the idea.

What would interaction between men and women look like in those days and would we even still have interactions which one another or would everything be done remotely and via technology? Or would technology perhaps have failed us in some way and suddenly we were forced back into an Age where we needed to do for ourselves and having practical skills once more became important? Would men and women get along and find a middle ground so they can work together or did one gender take completely over? Is Religion still around or did the various Religious Zealous eradicate each other in a sort of Holy War that wiped everyone out but a handful of people?

The Idea of the Future being far removed from what we know today and allowing myself to sit back and roleplay various ideas out in my head has led me to a new Story Series. Stories which are all set in the far Future and flip through various scenarios in which different groups and people are the Victors over their History.

Remember that the History Books are always largely written by those who won and with that things are always colored clearly in their favor. We have the Hero’s and Heroins’, the Villains and of course the Victims in each such tale, which always leads to some arousing wickedness along the way. Oh yes, sex or even the absence of sex has always played a big part in our tales of humanity.

If you have been around long enough and have taken some interest in my devious imaginations over the many years that I have been around, you will already know that with me a Series is usually a grouping of several stand-a-lone Stories which will reference back on one another at some point or is just a continuation of what happens to a main character at times, but can always be purchased as just a single story as well.

You are not automatically locked into it. You can start at any point and just read that one if you like, but who knows you may get curious to see what else happens in my new world.

Now Clips4Sale does not give me the opportunity to sell written content (Yes I am still pouting about that one) but Niteflirt is my go to place for selling all of my raunchy erotic or fetish stories. I am going to release a few of them in the near future via Amazon as well. It appears to me that some of you prefer to purchase your erotica that way.

I enjoy keeping all things somewhat organized and together, which is often pretty difficult to do since I have a bad habit (or a good habit depends on how you look at it) to mix various fetishes together. So with that in mind, I will stick all of my “Futuristic Fetish Stories” into a Category with that exact title in the Sidebar. Matter of fact you’ll see this popped up under as well just so you can find it easier.

You will of course find the announcements for each Story on www.paymepiggy.com as well if you prefer to follow there since they are written content which needs to be bought through Niteflirt.

The first set of stories will be released tomorrow by me and I hope that it will hit the right spot with you. Remember to check back often since I will be flipping through various options and ideas of what the future might hold. Tags will hold the fetish and topic leaning within them.

Talk at you soon my naughty ones!

Goddess Bella Donna

Classic Goddess Bella Donna Content returning

More hot fetish Content for sale announcement

Webcam Pic of Goddess Bella Donna from 2011

Hello darlings, boys, pets, sissies and fans!

Over the next few months you’ll see Clips, Audios, Photo Packs and Written Content emerging for sale that is what I call “Classic Goddess Bella Donna” fetish content.

I went through my external hard drive where I keep all the originals from anything I have ever produced, regardless if that was on a clip, in an Audio Format, Photos via Webcam or Camera, or written.

I suppose you could say I was taking a trip down memory lane and re-discovered some real fun things in the process.

When I first had my weight gain that added somewhere around 40 lbs to my already BBW sized body several years ago I had taken pretty much all of the clips that I once had proudly offered for sale via my Clips4Sale Studios down.

I took a Hiatus from filming and took some time to get used to my bigger size as well. It was a transition that many people at times have to go through as they get older, I was no different.

Once I came out proud and confident again on the other side I decided to let people get used to Me as the “Fat, mature and fabulous” Goddess I had now become. Hence the name of My one Clips4Sale Studio.

I can openly admit that I was nervous. Sure my loyal boys and sissies, fans and frequent buyers had been used to their Goddess being a bigger woman, but how would they react to my new body size?

The support and love was overwhelmingly positive and for that I will be always grateful to those who emailed me, bought everything new they could get their hands on in their favorite categories and in general were extremely loving and supportive of me.

The message was clear… “We love you Goddess no matter how much weight is on your body! You are our Queen!”

So now I am comfortable and more than happy to bring back some of my older content to Clips4Sale in the various studios to all those who are new to me or those who just missed out on a few, to be able to enjoy those classic Goddess Bella Donna clips as well.

I will always make a note to each clip somewhere that this is a “Classic Goddess Bella Donna” clip so you know it is older. Some dating back to 2010.

Clips4Sale wasn’t the only place where I ended up letting go of a lot of content for sale either so. Niteflirt had received several clear outs over the years and there it was more due to data space limitations.

We only have so much data space which we can utilize on the Niteflirt Platform to upload our content for sale. When I ran out, I had to retire and delete the content to make space for new ones.

Now I have a couple of Accounts on Niteflirt, but I only utilize one account for Live Calls. My Primary Account www.niteflirt.com/GoddessBellaDonna

Since I don’t use the other Accounts to take calls on them that gives me now their data space as availability to bring back some older fun fetish content as well.

In order to not confuse people too much I have turned www.paymepiggy.com into my Classic Goddess Bella Donna fetish content for sale via Niteflirt Platform.

it’s going to be slow going adding more content since I have to make sure that it still fits with the various TOS regulations (they do shift and change at times) and of course revisit to decide what I want to bring back.

There too I will start putting some Photo Packs together for my worshipers and masturbation puppets as shall we say motivation.

Some of those photos will go way back and I can’t wait to see the reactions to some of them.

So make sure that you are keeping an eye out on here for new and “Classic Goddess Bella Donna content” and on www.paymepiggy.com for Classic fetish Content available via Niteflirt.

Don’t forget to subscribe on this or the other blog either so you never miss an update announcement.

I hope you enjoy all of My content and as usual I do appreciate your Patronage and continued loyalty to me.

Webcam screenshot of Goddess Bella Donna from 2012

Goddess Bella Donna

Slowly adding the content back

Quick Note Update


Now that Sale is over on Niteflirt and all the Goodies have been removed on My Main Account www.niteflirt.com/GoddessBellaDonna it’s time to get things in order here now.

As I had mentioned in my last update post I removed all the content announcements from everywhere since I had lowered prices on many of My Clips4Sale Items in the various Studios and it would have just gotten too complicated to track things down etc.

Now I am slowly starting to add them all back on here reflecting the correct prices and other information you want.

It will take a little bit of time, because I don’t want to spam systems etc., plus honestly I am bit tired today after only having had about 3 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours.

I want to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes, so please be patient over the next few days as I’ll bring all the Clips4Sale Studio Content back.

In the meantime let Me do it like this for you just so you get a quick link over to the various ones.


You may also want to check out the changes on My Niteflirt Profile and listings so you can stay up to par!



Oh and for those who just have to have some Niteflirt Goodies … you can go and buy what’s on PayMePiggy Goodies Page.

Click here for those!

Tada for now!

Goddess Bella Donna