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Cuckolding / Cuckoldress / cuckold

You can’t get that cock out of your mind cuckold bitch MP3

Cuckolding Obsession by Goddess Bella Donna

Ever since you’ve stumbled on the images of me and my lover, snooping around like a bitch that you are, you can’t get them out of your mind… Especially that BIG HARD COCK I was enjoying sooo much. What a limp dick loser you are obsessing now over seeing me being fucked by that big cock and how it would be feel to be my cuckold being kept in chastity4 min. 45 seconds

cuckold humiliation, limp dicked loser, chastity, mind fuck,

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Length: 4 minutes
Size: 5 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 5/5/15 11:23pm

Your new life as my faggot cuckold

Instructional Homoerotic Cuckold Clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Screenshot from

Goddess made Her choice, you are about to become My faggot cuckold. You are reminded about the reasons why you have become my cuckold in the first place and why you are locked up in chastity.

I explain to you about fluffer duty and how I expect it to be done properly. I tell you, how I expect you to show proper appreciation for the honor of being permitted to suck My lovers cock and fluff him for Me.

You are being instructed about being My substitute pussy and give you your new cuckold name which you will be called by from here on out. Your faggot pussy needs to be properly prepared for serving those real men and more.

Yes, I made up My mind cucky, from here on out you will be My faggot cuckold. Pay close attention so you understand your new aspect of cuckold life beneath Me.

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Length: 12 minutes
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Format: WMV
Resolution: 640×480
Added: 11/5/16 2:09pm
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Busted Faggot Cuckold Punishment

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Oh you silly faggot cuckold did you really think I didn’t noticed that you were masturbating without MY permission? Well I let you hang yourself, but now you’ll pay the price for it.

Your Cuckoldress assigns your humiliating punishment beginning with tonight while My studs are over and continuing on for a while. I suggest you don’t do that again and listen closely to what I have ordered. You really don’t want to make this worse for yourself do you?

6 min. 19 seconds

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Length: 6 minutes
Size: 6 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 6/16/15 7:50pm

Either accept becoming a Nullo or leave cucky.

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After years of you having been my small penis panty wearing cuckold I am just too disgusted by having to look at that tragedy of a dick on you. I am telling you all about what I think about it, and just the disgust I feel and why before giving you the choice between accepting my decision to have you get a penectomy and castration (becoming a Nullo) or leaving the Relationship we have.

I refuse to keep you around unless you accept becoming a Nullo for Me. To make sure you truly understand what it will be like for you after your cock and balls have been removed, so you can make your decision will full knowledge that one way or the other you will have to give up something. Your teeny tiny useless penis or being with Me.

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Length: 9 minutes
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Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 10/28/16 10:22pm
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Castrated and penectomized sissy cuck

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Come closer sissy and strip down to your chastity device. You can leave your stockings and high heels on, but the rest needs to come off. I am going to unlock you today and will allow you to rub your tiny limp sissy prissy until it makes those pathetic little quirts for the very last time while I tell you what your future holds starting in an hour from now.

You have been a good little sissy cuckold for Me for several years now and I am very proud of your service to Me overall, but as I told you at the very beginning of your journey as My feminized little sissy cuckold there would come a time when youll need to accept that you will become a complete nullo for Me.

Castrated, penectomy, humiliation, encouragement, cuckold, sissy, 12 min. 04 seconds MP3

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Length: 12 minutes
Size: 12 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 1/7/16 4:29pm

You are going to be My sissy cuckold nullo

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Screenshot from

I am having you kneel before Me, looking up at Me (cucky POV) while I give you the news about your future.

I remind you of why you were turned into a cuckold to begin with (SPH), who has been locked up for some time now.

How now that I have enjoyed the pleasures of real men cock again, I realize that you aren’t even suitable to be a male cuckold, but that you must be sissified, so I can stand to even look at you.

I tell you about what to expect and finally tell you that in the end you will become MY sissy cuckold nullo (castration and penectomy).

Living the rest of your life feeling always sexually frustrated without even a possibility for release (no cock or balls), but that it will benefit you as well. After all, you’ll be so much more focused on serving and of course it will guarantee that you’ll always have a place in My home.
Keywords: goddess bella donna, castration, sph, humiliation, sissification
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Length: 15 minutes
Size: 190 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 1/25/16 10:04pm

Tonight you get fucked pussy boy, tomorrow you’ll become a nullo

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Gif Screenshot from

Your cuckolding Goddess is putting her foot down and tells you about your last night before you will be castrated and penectomized. Tonight you’ll be fucked by 13 men and will be allowed to dribble your cum for the last time. Tomorrow you’ll give Me your ultimate sacrifice and have your balls and cock removed for good. I have a task for you to complete as well before tonight, and let you know what your future will look like as a nullo cuckold serving men.

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Length: 11 minutes
Size: 160 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 2/16/16 7:38pm

Welcome to being a beta male faggot cuckold

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Screenshot Gif from

Goddess begins this clip with teasing you about her putting her cigarette to her lips and taking a drag in leading to you automatically thinking of sucking cock.

A little ice breaker so to speak for all you fairly new to being a beta male faggot cuckold boys. I go on to explain to you about your place and the reasons you are a beta male faggot cuckold to begin with and that without you learning to not only be a good inferior male bitch to real men under the control of your Cuckoldress, but to appreciate your place, you’d be obsolete in the long run. I explain to you about chastity and why at times this is so important to utilize on you to help you overcome any aversion you might still have to becoming a proper faggot cuckold.

Chastity will help you to focus better on serving your Cuckoldress and of course your servitude to those superior real men cocks. I warn you that if all else fails the Cuckoldress might find it necessary to go the harshest route of conditioning by demanding castration and a penectomy (Starts at about 13 min. if you want to avoid it).

I explain to you that this is not a foregone conclusion (castration and penectomy), but my only used if you are not ready to truly surrender, be eager and take pride in being a beta male faggot cuckold.

The whole tone of this Video is one of someone teaching you your place and conditioning your mind to understand your proper beta male faggot cuckold purpose better.

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Length: 17 minutes
Size: 375 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 3/5/16 4:44pm

Solution cuckoldry fag boy

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Screenshot Gif from

Welcome back to our Marriage Therapy Session. Wow it looks like there has been quiet the development since we spoke last.

Your wife found out about your faggot nature. She discovered your gay porn when you were drunk in front of your computer. Needless to say she looked a little further and discovered just how much of a faggot you truly are. Needless to say, she is disgusted and just can’t see your marriage continuing as it is now. She still loves you, but is done being your sexual partner. Of course your faggot addiction has checked you out of that part of your relationship a long time ago.

She was talking about divorce, but after some counseling on my part I have introduced the idea of you becoming her faggot cuckold instead. She seemed excited by this and I gave her some of the details that need to be done now.

Now it’s your turn to find out what your future as a new faggot cuckold will entail. Being a novice we’ll need to condition you slowly into it, but I think it is for the best.

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Length: 16 minutes
Size: 140 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 640×480
Added: 3/23/16 7:28pm

Strapon Sex is for sissies and a hint of cuckold future

Audio Recording

Your progress as a Sissy is coming along nicely now. This time I talk about last nights strapon sex, take you a little further with your sissy humiliation, and let you know what to expect when My friend and fellow Cuckoldress will come over with her sissy cuckold patsy and her Bull Frank.

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Length: 8 minutes
Size: 8 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 8/16/16 3:21pm