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Castration / Penectomy

Castration of a small dicked man

Audio Recording

Goddess Bella Donna has taken things into her own hands to fix your miserable life as a small dicked man. After watching your misery for far too long I have decided to have you  castrated (gelded) and have set up your new future at a boarding house for castrated males. What happened while you were under, how you got into the hospital and what you future will hold is all explained in this hot erotic fetish fiction fantasy audio story 12 min. 19 seconds

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Length: 12 minutes
Size: 12 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 9/28/15 6:29pm

Penectomy – Ultimate Sacrifice

Audio Recording

Penectomy is the surgical procedure of completely removing your penis.

In this recording I am calling you into my virtual living room as my slave and recount / tease you about the already done castration the year before, the CBT you had to endure for My enjoyment and explain to you in great detail about you enduring a full Penectomy being the only way you’ll move forward into becoming my fully owned slave property.

I go into details about what will happen during the actual procedure, the recovery and what it ultimately means to you once you are completely genderless with no cock and balls. A full Eunuch. 15 min. 52 seconds MP3
Keywords: goddess bella donna, castration, eunuch, erotic femdom audio, slave requirement
Price: $16.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 15 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 10/12/15 11:23pm

Penectomy after the Wedding Night (Sissy Cuckold Wife)

Audio Recording

29 min. 51 seconds Audio. I could never be married to a selfish man who would refuse me anything I wanted. I deserve to be happy! I am worth every and any sacrifice I require for the privilege of being in my life.

Of course that means I will only ever consider a submissive sissy of a man as my lifepartner. I say life partner, because after the Wedding he’d be hardly considered a man.

Not that he ever really would have been considered that to begin with. I marry for security and yes love, but I have no intentions to have sex with my spouse. None at all. I learned early on that if you give your body to your husband, he gets the misguided idea that he is in charge of the relationship, and that just wont do. Not with Me!

This is not my first Rodeo and I am not about to repeat the mistakes I made in my first marriage. No thank you, being married to an egotistical selfish male who couldn’t satisfy Me in bed or treat Me like his Queen was enough. These days I’ll wear the pants in the relationship and will be provided as well as sexually satisfied. Of course that wont be by the same person. You’ll do the providing, obeying and sacrificing of your masculinity and pride for me, while Ill have a select group of real men to take care of the sexual satisfaction.

As I am fond of saying, I love and am loved by my sissy wife cuckold, and I fuck as well as get fucked by my studs. To totally different things! I had vowed that the next time I married, I would become a cuckoldress, turn my husband into my wife and have him get a penectomy the day after our Wedding Night.

I would allow him just that once to feel my sweet pussy on his dick for just a few minutes, before locking him up securely until the penectomy appointment I would have already made for him the following day. There is just something powerful about the thought of having been the last pussy he ever felt before losing his cock completely for Me. Id have him castrated and his balls fully removed for our 1st Wedding Anniversary as well but that is jumping too far ahead right now. Now are you ready my dear to find out exactly what your future holds as my cuckolded spouse?

Chastity, Description of the Wedding (We are both dressed as wife), Reception, LImo Ride to Hotel Room, Strapon Play, Femdom Sex, Oral Servitude, teasing, Face sitting, overall loving but with humiliation both verbal and action, Cuckoldress / Stud Sex, Penectomy, cuckolding, There are so many elements in this Story that is difficult to all list them here. If you are a sissy or sissy cuckold, who dreams of being taken so fully by the woman you love, emasculated, pay the ultimate price, and enjoy the whole sissy cuckold wife idea then I suggest you don’t pass this by.

Price: $25.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 30 minutes
Size: 28 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
Added: 10/13/15 2:01am