Before you ask…

Once you have been a FemDom, Fetish Queen and Adult Industry Business Woman for as long as I have, you can pretty much answer questions before they even get asked any more. I am firm believer in not wasting time since time is one of those things which don’t have an infinite amount of. I don’t like wasting my own and I don’t like wasting your either. So in an attempt to circumvent time wasting I am just going to go ahead and answer some questions that always seem to want to come up. Consider this my blunt public service provided for free. You are very welcome!

I am a Professional Business Woman in the Adult Industry which means:

Time is money! Regardless of this is giving you personalized attention, answering questions you could have found the answers to simply by purchasing my educational content or reading my posts, or having done research on me, doing sessions with you, giving your fetish mentorship or advice, producing content, or dozens of other things you seek to benefit from, it will always come with a price tag attached to it.

It has been said a million ways from sundown by thousands of people in the Industry. You don’t work for free either and we have financial obligations which we must take care of just like you. If you want a product, a service, attention, or otherwise want to take up my time then you will need to pay the price I put on it. It’s not up for negotiations and I don’t bargain either.

The Adult Industry is like any other Industry out there. It’s part of the Service and Entertainment Industry. We work hard producing content, marketing, advertising, providing the services you enjoy and are looking for, and spend time and money into research, equipment, updates and upgrades etc. We are part of the Economy and Commerce, regardless if “moralistic and close-minded” people want to see it that way or not. We are part of the money flow. We need to make money in order to turn around and spend it on products and services of other Industries.

So please don’t complain, bitch, moan and groan when you are being told that you need to pay in order to gain what you seek from us. If you can’t afford it, save up for it or find someone cheaper.

My Prices are set at a level that I feel are reasonable and still reflect what I think I am worth to a point!

Heckling or attempting to bargain the price down on a Product or service with me is not only a waste of your energy, but an attempt at being insulting. I know you don’t see it that way and are probably just considering yourself to be frugal, but you are essentially telling me that you don’t think my time, my effort, my services, my products and in conjunction with that I am worth what I charge. Frankly my dears, that is not going to motivate me one bit to even interact with you and to communicate with you.

I am already compromising by my own doing to find a middle ground of what I know I am worth and what I know that the base line of consumer can afford to pay. Considering I am not some fictional character who lives in a Utopian world in which everything is perfect, I am budget conscious. I know that everyone has a personal budget they have to adhere to which is why I keep my products and services at various levels of affordability.

I try to offer some products and services for those among you who cannot afford a lot, and I offer more time consuming for me services and products at a higher price level for those who are able to pay for them.

If you are looking for Products and personal interactions which fall into a Luxury Fetish or High Priced fetish like Financial Fetish, Religious fetish, or hard to come by fetishes due to people being afraid to offer them thanks to the political climate like race play, racial humiliation roleplays, religious humiliation and debasement roleplays, or other fetish humiliation roleplays base on what is seen as socially insensitive these days (weight humiliation, gender humiliation, age humiliation, or any other form of “shaming humiliation based” fetish) the price will go up, since we are taking the risk of pulling hatred and attempts of ruin our professional and personal reputation towards ourselves in order to provide you with the opportunity to indulge in a fetish you enjoy.

Fetishes and personal points of view are not always the same!

I am a Professional Fetish Queen who is able to separate what is under the heading of a Fetish being indulged in and someones personal point of view. There are many fetishes which are based in full or in part around socially insensitive subjects which make a lot of people cringe to even talk about. In order to be able to offer those fetishes on a professional level, it is necessary to be able to not take what is said personal or give weight to the verbiage used in it. Both the client and the Provider need to be able to understand that this is purely a fetish based role play interaction and not a reflection of either sides personal real life points of view. It’s the ability to keep things separated and not take anything said personal. Do not offer it or request it unless you are able to do so. It’s for arousal and fetish Entertainment purposes only.

Services and Interaction are between myself as the Provider and the Client period!

I value and respect the privacy of my clients. Unless the client has requested and paid for some form of public exposure fetish or display, you will never see any interaction being made public between myself and the client. This is for their security and privacy! Most individuals do not care or can afford to have their fetish and kink life drug all over the internet. This is common business practice and assure that the client is able to continue to indulge in my services and products.

Even good customer service has it’s limits – Don’t attempt to take advantage or get rejected!

It appears to be part of human nature that once you have someone’s attention or consider purchasing a product or service you fall into the “I need to be hand-held and I need 10 hours of attention for one product for free” category. This is a sure way to be told no thank you. All of my products and services are clearly outlined and have easy to understand descriptions. Some services only need a reasonable amount of interaction ahead of time to set the details and perimeters which work for both sides. That usually can be accomplished within 2 to 4 email or communication exchanges before the Service is paid for by the client. If a product is offered and has been already produced, introduced, and made live for sale, it doesn’t require for you to contact me to let me know that you need it. Just buy it. If I show as available and you are ready to indulge in the service I am offering and have the financial ability to pay for it, you don’t need to ask my permission first. Remember you are paying for a product or a service (customized product, a fetish session, etc.) not for me to sit there and elevate your boredom outside of that. If you attempt to do so I will charge additional fees for my time.

I am not a credit institution, welfare department for perverts, or personal sounding bored for your morals!

See all the above written sections and then realize one more time, that if you are too limited by your budget, are unemployed and can’t afford to pay, have the idea that you are entitled to free attention or products or think that your personal morals are of any interest to me, please go and exit stage left now. I have no time or interest in dealing with you. I am sure there are some out there who are happy to help you, but this is my livelihood and how I pay my bills. I don’t have the energy, inclination or time to waste on this. Thank you for understanding and have a nice day.

I will answer emails for customized products information and ordering, request about online services I offer or any other business and / or online based domination inquires and conditioning as soon as possible. Be patient!

Contrary to public believe I am an actual being with a real life, personal life, and time limitations. I do sleep from to time, have various personal obligations and things I enjoy doing, and I don’t sit in front of my laptop 24/7 just waiting for you to contact me. With other words, I will answer you as soon as possible. Please be patient and realize that you are dealing with a human being here. Get rude about that and you are gone! Period.

Now I do not offer and / or give Free Samples, free minutes, free Sessions, free attention etc.

If you want to get a sample of what I do purchase a small amount piece of content in one of the fetishes you are interested in. That’s your sample.

Don’t mistake bluntness with rudeness and kindness/ politeness with weakness!

I shouldn’t need to explain this to adults and if you are not an adult you don’t belong here!

My Realm – My Rules!

Just like you wouldn’t go into any other Business and tell them how to run their Business without being shown the door, don’t expect to do it to me. You don’t have enough money to tell me how to run my Business, how to do my job, and / or how to dominate you if you come at me as a submissive seeking to guided and controlled by me. I do and offer what I am comfortable with, what I personally enjoy, and in a way I enjoy doing it. I set the rules and you can either choose to respect them and work within them, or leave. This is not being rude or shady, it’s knowing what I can require and expect from intelligent and sincere submissive individuals desiring to serve Me online or Fetish clients wishing to avail themselves of one of my services and products.

I do NOT accept applications from potential online submissive or requests for services and customized products from potential clients via Social Media.

My Contact email is or you may call Me via my Phone Lines. (See sidebar)

I loath text speak and I do not respond to copy and paste emails or emails which are devoid of thought and proper manners! All communication with me must be in English only and in full sentences. Correct address towards me is either Miz Bella Donna, Ma’am or Goddess Bella Donna, unless I have already granted you permission to address me as Mistress, Queen, Goddess or M’Lady. Any other forms of address will be instantly deleted and ignored.