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It will be so much better for you as my sissy cuckold, darling.

Audio Recording by Goddess Bella Donna

I sit you down and in a gentle and caring sort of way explain to you that you are simply not equipped to satisfy me as a woman. I know that you are not happy this way either and with that in mind I explain to you that it will be so much better for you as my sissy cuckold. I am sure that by the end of this audio you will agree with me and happily obey my order to shave, get dressed in your first sissy Teddy and lock up in chastity.


You will never be a sissy whore that way, bitch!

Written content for closet sissies by Goddess Bella Donna

You may have been where Sissy Jo has been before, but I sure hope you haven’t and if you have that you moved passed it quickly. Sissy Jo was a closet sissy who needed to have the Marines send in on a rescue mission almost just to drag her into the light. The humorous part about that was, that she started out the conversation in a way that would have made you assume she was a 3 times a day cock sucking, anal loving sissy faggot slut bag, but as the conversation progressed I found out real fast that she wasn’t even at base one of sissy slut being.

It was time to rattle her cage a little and drag that wanna be slut into reality of being a sissy whore. There are times when you get to be loving and gentle, but in this case a bit of tougher love was in order. After all it was for her own good, she was on a mission to become a sissy whore.

If we wanted to make sure it wasn’t mission impossible, she needed to get some sense knocked into her and fast, plus get at least the basic start. Pay close attention sluts, because the same might just go for you….Oh and at the end of this text, make sure you look at the 2 hot pics I embedded for your inspiration!


Sensual guidance into Shemale Obsession

Audio Recording by Goddess Bella Donna

I want you to be addicted and obsessed with Shemale cock and cum my pet. What better way to assure that will happen, then to guide you into it myself in a sensual and teasing manner. Come now darling, I know you are nervous, but I promise that if you just do as I say, you’ll be in Shemale obsession bliss in no time. I even give you a cum count down at the end so you may cum the moment you received your first every Shemale load of thick creamy cum into your mouth.

Shemale obsession, Divine sensual Guidance by Goddess into Shemale addiction, oral and anal,
13 min. 24 sec MP3

Keywords: goddess bella donna, shemale obsession, gay sex encouragement, oral and anal, addicted to shemales, teasing
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Length: 13 minutes
Size: 13 MB
Format: MP3

Which succubi will be tempting you today?

Audio Recording – Succubus – ‘Hell History 101″ – Satanic Goddess Bella Donna

Hello mere mortal man,

it’s time for a little “Hell History 101” from your beloved satanic Goddess and Succubus Queen. Now there is this misconception among many mortals that says that there are only one type of Succubi. It’s time to fix this little oversight. I am introducing various types of Succubi to you today and trust me each of them brings about her own form of wicked doom to you.

Of course I am telling you about my own Succubi nature and the kind I am as well. You will be serving me if you are lucky, it’s only fair to warn you. Of course warning you won’t make a difference, you’ll only want me more.

Get it now minions.

Category: MIND FUCK
Price: $12.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 12 MB
Format: MP3

I curse you into Shemale addiction

Satanic Goddess Bella Donna mind fuck curse!

Pay attention my little faggots because you have I have created two versions of this. The Visually enhanced version and they “just audio” version. Read the description to make sure you are getting the right one.

The Audio only Version is available via both Clips4Sale and Niteflirt. The Visually enhanced version is exclusive to Clips4Sale.

This is the visually enhanced version of my Audio with the same name. Naughty images of Shemales and gay sex wave and undulate their way across your screen in the form of a hot mind fuck slideshow as you hear your Goddess Voice cast her wicked curse upon you!

Your satanic Goddess Bella Donna is back and casting wicked curses on you. Today, I have decided to curse you into Shemale addiction. You are doomed to Shemale lust from here on out. Welcome to being Satan’s newest Shemale addicted slave.

Price: $12.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 384 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1920×1080
Added: 6/20/17 9:43pm
And now for the AUDIO ONLY VERSIONS:

Your satanic Goddess Bella Donna is back and casting wicked curses on you. Today, I have decided to curse you into Shemale addiction. You are doomed to Shemale lust from here on out. Welcome to being Satan’s newest Shemale addicted slave.

This is the MP3 only version!

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Length: 6 minutes

Forever doomed satanic lust filled puppet

Satanic Goddess Bella Donna Audio Recording!

I, as your satanic Goddess, explain to you about the doomed nature of your lust filled puppet self. I show you in verbal detail how just one single moment of surrender to lust has doomed you into Satan’s unholy service forever. No matter how much you try escape, you are now and forever nothing more than an addicted and doomed satanic lust filled puppet.

Listen closely and surrender to your fate.

Price: $13.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 10 MB
Format: MP3

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