I went Twitter happy for a reason

So many Twitter Accounts and so little time

happyholidays You may have noticed that I haven’t updated with new content as much on here as usual.

I been super busy getting several different business ventures and assorted blogs and twitter accounts off the ground.

If you follow me on Twitter you have noticed that I have tweeted out 2 new Twitter Accounts and if you look up in the menu you see two “new” Twitter Accounts to follow as well.

What’s up with that? Why have more Twitter Accounts.

Let’s call it necessity. I started putting my Flirt 2 Flirt ghostwriting services up and since the only way I am allowed to post them in the forums on Niteflirt is by having something that purely dedicated to selling them through Niteflirt I needed a new blog or website to post them.

Well that is not entirely true. I could have just made a listing and kept it private with a link to it, but I offer too many different services so would have ran out of space.

Besides I wanted something that allowed me to showcase my little lighter and sillier side anyways to my Niteflirt Callers and Buyers. They still need to get used to my switch from strict and hard hitting nail biting do or else Femdom Style to the much easier going and fun Fetish Queen. That’s a whole different story I’ll type out on www.paymepiggy.com in a while.

So, since I was doing a new blog ( http://www.yoursillyphonesexoperator.info) anyways I figured might as well do it right and attach a new Twitter account to it that is purely dedicated for Niteflirt. I don’t like doing anything half way.  Which is how https://twitter.com/NFPhonesexGBD came into existence. It really needs some love and followers, so if you “love me” love my new Twitter account too and follow haha.

Now I just got done telling you about Flirt 2 Flirt Services which is my erotic ghostwriting services and those are not just available to Ladies on Niteflirt but to everyone who deals with the Adult Industry.  Before I build the blog up for Niteflirt only I had already started to build up the Blog that is purely about my erotic ghostwriting services which is located at http://www.eroticghostwriter.info and of course again it needed a social media marketing outlet. So I created a twitter account for everything ghostwriting and book sales related. You can find that one at https://twitter.com/Eroticmind4rent (Feel free to follow me and if you are a fellow Adult Business Person and need some creative ghostwriting services please check out what I have to offer.)

A while ago, knowing I would need some help since I was expanding  my business again I hired some help. I don’t talk much about TalktoMe.com and I really don’t advertise it all that much on my blogs anymore since for some reason my callers want to attempt to call me on the Niteflirt with TOS violation since they see I can offer it on TalktoMe.  Certain things like diaper fetishes, adult baby, discussions that include your becoming a sissy when you were younger or how it led into you enjoying your current kinks and fetishes is allowed on  my TalktoMe listings but NOT on Niteflirt.

So yes again I needed a different outlet to advertise them and keep things straight. Since by now I was really getting overloaded with setting up so many new things all at once and still taking calls, creating content on Niteflirt etc. I hired a Social Media Manager to set up a new Twitter account and help market this blog here and my various phone sex services. He did a good job with getting new followers, but didn’t seem to really understand what it was that I am offering. Plus a few other things that weren’t going over that well with me. I had to politely let him go after a few weeks and that means I had to take that one over as well. Right now I am in a re-branding and adjustment mode on that one but you can follow me there too if you like. https://twitter.com/FunwithFetishes

Right now it’s still set for this blog and for Niteflirt, but that will change soon since like I said I need something that will reflect my TalktoMe services even if I only log into those accounts 3 times a week since I barely have any calls there.  Which of course is totally understandable since I can’t really market it to let you know they exist unless I want to build yet another blog that is purely for them. (Has that funny look on her face).

So yes, I did go somewhat Twitter happy, but it was out of necessity.

At the moment I have to make a decision about where to put what so it doesn’t get too confusing. And here is what I have decided on so far. Please pay attention because it’s important if you only buy via certain platforms.

Niteflirt is pretty much where I sell MP3s, Photo Sets and my written content. Clips never really sold well for me on there. I think they are more looking for a different body type then the one I have in the clips department. Which is totally fine with me. I enjoy keeping the fantasy alive for them and since I come at you on Niteflirt as the Satanic Goddess and Fetish Queen now anyways, there is no reason why I can’t just be timeless and keep my older photos in place. It’s my mind more than my body they have attached to and of course my still slightly accented voice.

So with this in mind I am going to turn www.paymepiggy.com into my Niteflirt Content announcement Blog with a few little blog posts here and there which are just thoughts an other normal me things. With www.yoursillyphonesexoperator.info as the more fun and at times humorous blog to accompany it, where the focus is more on talking to you via my written word (with links to some content I sell).  So if you prefer Nitelirt as your method of purchases and are more into my Audios and written stuff, that is where you’ll find it from here on out. I’ll get paymepiggy.com caught up with all the content I offer at the moment and then post everything new from here on there.

If you take a look around on this blog you will notice that most of the content here is the content I sell via Clips4Sale anyways. So I am going to keep it that way. Audios, Slideshows and Clips of me as I am now my more mature and bigger BBW body will be announced here as per usual. That won’t change, so if you are one of my loyal love from Clips4Sale just stay here. You are good to go. (I’ll have new content for you by the end of the weekend).

I am going to start working more on books again too. I got a bit derailed on putting out the 3 additional fetish books I wanted to by the Holidays, but since book sales have never been my primary income as of yet, that had to give a little anyways.

Once I start that up full force again so I will put the fetish type books I sell up on www.eroticghostwriter.info and once I get started on my less fetish and more vanilla erotic paranormal romance and other writing I want to start indulging in again soon, will be set up on there and another blog that will be purely for my author and regular ghostwriting services I offer.

Yes, I am a one woman army I tell you. I have my hands in so many pots I look like a Easter Egg at times. Just kidding!

Anyway, that’s what has been going on and what’s currently in the making. I do appreciate your continued interest in me and my products and hope you all have a fabulous Holiday Season.

Goddess Bella Donna





Your soul is MINE faggot

Your soul is Mine Faggot

A “satanic” faggot mind-fuck from your “Master Satan”

Master Satan had decided to let you into the truth of what happened to you and how you went from being a curious little fag boy to signing the contract that made your faggot soul Satan’s properly.

It’s a darkly erotic and teasing Tale of corruption, in which of course I, your satanic Goddess Bella Donna, played a part as your Temptress into darkness. In the end so it was your addiction and carnal desire for other men’s cock and cum that impregnated you with the demonic spawn that must be fed daily, and drove you to signing your soul away.

5 Pages of seductive faggot wickedness by Master Satan (he just borrowed my hands to write it haha)


Smoke Puppets go into a special place in my erotic Hell….

Smoke Puppets go into a special place in my erotic Hell….

Smoking Fetish Tease with a Satanic Goddess Twist

In Hell, My special Hell for devoted Sinners, there is a whole section set away from my Smoking Puppets. It’s like a wicked wonderland of smoke perversion in which you will be surrounded by thick clouds of smoke all the time and for all eternity.

I’ll give you the facts about your inescapable addiction to smoking and with a command to smoke, I’ll tell you about some of the deliciously wicked things that await you in the special place in My erotic Hell for all you smoking puppets…

3 Page Document with one Photo embedded.


Sacrificed by the Cult of Satan

Sacrificed by the Cult of Satan

Dark Erotic Faggot Fiction Smut by your Satanic Goddess Bella Donna

In the darkness of night you have dreamed the wicked dreams about being made a faggot sacrifice for Satan. You have masturbated diligently while listening to the heart pounding Audios that spoke of men leaving behind all vestiges of goodness in order the gain the favor of the dark Lord Satan and to serve him faithfully with their perverted lust for other men.

You creamed your pants each time you saw a symbol of satanic faggotry; cuming spontaneously without even as much as touching your nasty cock, just thinking of what it would be like to be the lucky chosen one who’d finally find his place before Satan and his Devils, forever doomed to live a life of such depravity that it would give others Nightmares if they even knew what dark depraved fantasies it took to rouse your interest.

Alas up until now that was all it ever was. Fantasies, dreams upon dreams, thoughts that drove you into marathon masturbation frenzies, but you never really thought that one day you’d find yourself as the faggot

Sacrifice upon the Altar in a Sex Orgy Ceremony to Master Satan, forfeiting your soul and body once and for all to the dark Lord. That is until one night as you were listening to the newest recording of your Satanic Goddess laying on your couch, with your headphones on as instructed, a bottle of booze in one hand and your cock in the other frantically stroking as instructed by Me….

Are you ready for a dark and twisted tale of satanic Faggot lust and sacrifice to Master Satan? A dark gay sex mind-fuck fantasy for those who wish to serve Darkness…

13 Pages of gay lust, satanic faggotry, and wickedly evil mind-fuck indulgence.

$16.66 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

Owned by the Succubus Night Stalker

Owned by the Succubus Night Stalker

A hot Succubus Fetish Fiction Story for straight guys by Goddess Bella Donna

This is the 7th morning in a row now that you awoke sweaty, your heart racing and the telltale signs of a nocturnal release sticky on your stomach. Another morning when you felt strangely drained, a little less then you were, but at the same time deeply satisfied and as if something had changed in your life.

Throughout the day, you’d notice little things you never noticed before. A scent in the air that reminded you of something you couldn’t fully put your finger on. Something that drew you into the dark places, aroused you deeply without ever seeing anything to cause your cock to stiffen. You’d feel the touch of fingers running through your hair and hear a soft seductive laugh, but nobody seemed to be around.

As the evening drew closer, you felt eager for the day to come to an end, just so you could undress and slip between your sheets. Feeling drawn, to what you did not know.

You began to live for the night time when you would finally sleep, wishing that you’d never have to wake up. None of that made sense to you, but you felt it so strongly that you couldn’t resist the draw.
Finally after the 7th night you began to remember dreams in the morning. Dreams of a beautiful woman coming to you in the middle of the night and transporting you into a different scape of existence where you became her Lover, her slave and the toy she’d play with.

The dreams always played out the same way. You’d be in deep sleep when that scent would wake you and a shadow was standing in a corner of your room calling to you. A soft chuckle emanated from the Shadowy Figure, followed by the siren’s call of

“Get up my pet, leave your bed behind. Your Mistress awaits you in her chambers. Come, follow My voice, follow your lust, follow Me into the Night.”

Resistance never even crosses your mind as her voice tickles your senses and your body already begins to quiver with arousal. You quickly rise, your cock engorged and little pearls of pre-cum coating the head of your dick. Even if you don’t know it, your cock recognizes the voice of its Owner.

You hurry, not able to wait a second longer, driven by need and enter into the shadows where the Nightstalker awaits her prey.

You feel her embrace, the sly sliding of her soft hands over your body, lower, lower until her fingers encircle your cock. …….

Come and surrender to the seduction and ownership of the Succubus Nightstalker. Your dream Demon Mistress who seduces and uses you as her sex slave and toy, before taking your essence, your soul and another year of your life.
Oh it’s hot and wickedly good to be owned by this Succubus Mistress.

Get it now…

8 page dark erotic fiction story for straight males.

$9.99 Buy from GoddBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

A Sissy Slut Journey to Schlampfe and Rainbows End

A Sissy Slut Journey to Schlampfe and Rainbows End

A naughty hot sissy slut fiction by Goddess Bella Donna

Follow Me on a Journey into a faraway land where sissies frolic all day and at the end of the Sissy Rainbow awaits a room of debauchery instead of a pot of gold.

Pack light sissy you don’t have to wear anything there besides your sexy lingerie, silky stockings, and high heels. Your makeup, hair and nails will become perfect by magic once you arrive at the Train Station at Schlampfe. Hurry now to Platform 69 I hear the train coming, your ticked has already been taken care off, you just have to show upon time.

Schlampfe translated into English means slut and what a perfect name to give to this fictional city in a faraway land where you’ll experience tons of sissy slut use, humiliation, cock sucking and anal adventures, and by the end of your trip to “Rainbows End” your final destination for your trip where you’ll find out if you get to stay forever or are send back to your mundane life, you’ll be filled of cum and blissfully exhausted from this naughty sissy sex adventure.
9 Pages of steaming hot sissy sluttery.


Fagnation The Future of tomorrow?

Fagnation – The Future of tomorrow?


Fake Twisted News-reports by Goddess Bella Donna Content Series

In today’s Headline:

Fagnation – The Future of tomorrow?

Breaking News! More and more men turn to sucking cocks, getting fucked by other men, and indulging in their need to be cum dump whores. Goddess Bella Donna, our woman on the streets and in the nations pervert bedrooms has your report!

It’s an epidemic of major proportions! 8 out of 10 males have confessed to having at least some bi-tendencies or curiosities, with a whopping 6 out of 10 males having sucked another man’s cock before or have been bend over by the same gender. The numbers are rising constantly, and at this point we can predict that our world will turn into a Fagnation by 2022.

#Humiliation #FaggotNews #fakenewsreport, #humorousmean #cuckolds, #binaryfaggot #marriedfaggot #emasculationclasses #fagcenters and more.

This is a fake News-report, the language in this is what you would expect from a professional reporter. Delivered with a bit of humorous meaness, and a liberal dose of political incorrectness.

A sense of humor and a twisted faggot personality is required!

Enjoy and check back often for more “Fake Breaking News by Goddess Bella Donna”

Buy this special News Report to read the whole sordid details!

$5.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

Sissy Cucky Jim left at home and desperate

Sissy Cucky Jim left at home and desperate

Cuckoldry Fetish Fiction Story by Goddess Bella Donna

This is the continuation from “Sissy cuckold Jim’s humiliating Road Trip “ but can be just as easily read as a standalone story.

It’s time for Cassandra Jane to meet up with Zachary, the dark haired male whom you met in the first story. This will be the first time that sissy cucky jim is not going to be anywhere near when his cuckoldress is having fun. Sissy cucky jim helps her get ready for her big date and then is put downstairs into the basement kennel in which he’ll be spending his time while she is gone.

Of course just having him locked up in the kennel cage would be far too easy and so Cassandra Jane decides to make things just a little more interesting along the way, with the use of a timed vibrator, a rubber dildo, a little blue pill, and a few more wickedly creative things to keep her sissy cuckold desperate.

Dildo sucking, vibrator anal, tease and denial, chastity, use of Viagra, caged in a Kennel, sissy cuckold servitude before date, desperate sissy cuckold humiliation

8 Pages

$8.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

Goddess Bella Donna’s Suck it up Buttercup Bill of Rights

Goddess Bella Donna’s “Suck it up Buttercup” Bill of Rights

Humiliating Humor with a bite by Goddess Bella Donna

Regardless if you consider yourself a sissy, a faggot, a general loser, a sacrificial victim to female supremacy, or any other form of “Buttercup”, you have rights.

Yes, all of you little Buttercups and Cupcakes out there have rights, and guess what those are the rights I grant you.

Resistance is futile, arguing with me about them is a waste of time, and attempting to tell me to adopt a more liberal frame of mind towards your inefficiencies is just a waste of Energy.

There won’t be any amendments made to MY “Suck it up Buttercup” Bill of Rights, and you don’t get a safe space in which to lick your hurt little feelings either.

This is not a democracy and you don’t get a vote either, this is the Realm of Goddess Bella Donna and here I make the Rules and assign you your rights.

So listen up Buttercup because it’s time to suck it up and get with the program.

Humorous humiliation with a dose of tough love for you losers’ by your Tyrannical Queen and Overlord.

$10.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

Mesmerizing BBW Goddess Dancing

Mesmerizing BBW Goddess Dancing

Fall deeper under my sensual control boys

Screenshots from this Clip!

Screenshot Gif from

This is a classic Goddess Bella Donna Clip filmed back in 2009. Watch your BBW Goddess Bella Donna dance and pull you deeper into under my command in this mesmerizing Goddess Dance Clip.

Price: $18.99 USD Buy Now Clips4Sale Option
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 95 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 720×480
Added: 11/22/16 4:25pm

This clip is also available via Niteflirt for $20.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

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