Do you enjoy humiliation and exposure?

Do you enjoy humiliation and exposure?

Contests and Exposure Ops for humiliation junkies and attention whores!


Not really in keeping with My Sales Blog here but I wanted to pass this along to you real quick. I am going to add a link up in the menu under “Contests and Exposure Ops” as well so you can stay up to date!

For those among you who enjoy being put on the Spot, be exposed in a fun and humiliating way, and simply love the feeling of having goodness knows who see you entries these current contests and exposures may be of interest to you.

Model My content cum eating contest Fat Fuck Pumpkin Pic Contest Pillow humping Princess

All My Contests and Exposure Opportunities as well as other fun Pic Ops, Games and Humiliation Carnival Items can be found at where all entries will be added as well on various pages.

Keep an eye out for what’s knew and coming up!

Goddess Bella Donna

Your appointment at the Beauty Parlor today Sissy

Your appointment at the Beauty Parlor today Sissy

Sissy Hair Appointment “Task”

Goddess is sending you to my favorite Beauty Salon to have your hair done. I am telling you about the appointment and what I told the Lady I wanted done on you. Don’t be late for your appointment sissy. 5 min. 32 sec. MP3

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Urgent missive to satanic corrupter – Adultery Division

Urgent missive to satanic corrupter

Adultery Division

Buy written content

How the Hell did you fuck up adulterous corruption???

Seriously boy, I gave you one simple assignment to complete. One simple task that by its very nature you coupled or married males do naturally mentally, and somehow you managed to fuck up the most basic of sins for a straight guy. I am talking about Adultery here. All I asked of you was to commit adultery and lead a good woman into adulterous corruption. That was it, it should have been a done deal. I even gave you conditioning ahead of time in order to assure that you’d become an apt adulterous corrupter.

Instead I am sitting here reading the report that was given to me by the minion I had sent to watch you and am shaking my head so bad I look like I am having seizures or nerve damage. Looks like I have to go and remind you of all the little details one more time before I can give you one last chance.

9 Pages – For Straight Sinners

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Wicked humiliating truth for a pathetic wanna be faggot sinner.

Wicked humiliating truth for a pathetic wanna be faggot sinner.

If the Pope has a red phone that goes to God, you pathetic wanna be sinners have a cellphone to reach Satan in the female form.

Ironically you must pay per minute to talk to Satan and oh yes you call on a phonesex line. It fits in a twisted way since phonesex lines by their very definition often times hit on all the 7 deadly sins in various combinations.

Oh and when you get on Me your Satanic Goddess aka Satan in the female form in one of those moods where I just call you on your bullshit, then you can feel a tiny little bit of what it feels like to sit in the Hot Seat on judgement day. For God perhaps thoughts count, but in general WE here in Hell have a bit of higher (or is it lower) standards to uphold. Yup, we actually want you to sin and commit the naughtiness that you claim to have committed. When you don’t well then you are given shall we call it a bit of an orientation on why your pathetic ass is only boring those of a higher caliber of a sinful nature, most of the time yourself, and let’s not even get started on what Satan thinks about you as well.

Well actually let’s start right there, because when I take you apart verbally that is exactly what you are getting. A dose of what Satan thinks about you until you finally buy a clue and ask for help to become a proper faggot sinner.

And so it all begins one fateful evening as you pick up the phone and choose to call a new to you Phonesex Operator who calls herself “The satanic Goddess” and is to be addressed as Goddess Bella Donna. ….

For you it all started out like any other evening when your cock was hard, you were horny and wanted a little female audible companionship to help you get your dick over the edge. In your mind one phonesex operator was pretty much like the next. We all have fanciful names to stick out, but in the end the call is usually predictable and well you are a predictable sort of guy really. If it isn’t broken then there is no need to fix it. It was fun so to hear a new voice, and so liking my photos you picked Me.

In hindsight you’ll find out that this was more than you bargained for, but alas you had no way of knowing what rabbit hole of humiliation you were about to go down in. Not to mention that this call was the first true step that eventually will end leading to your doom. Don’t worry so we won’t go that far today

Keywords: satanic goddess, faggot humiliation, you pay to play gay, blasphemous, disdain, closet fag humiliation

36 min MP3

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Her wicked best Friends (Homewrecking fantasy)

Her wicked best Friend

Home Wrecking Audio Fantasy

MMMM what can I say about Julianna besides that she was beautiful, seductive, manipulative, wicked and eventually your downfall. She was also your ex-wife’s best friend or so you both thought. Your wife trusted her explicitly and thought that Julianna only wanted her best, and in a way that was true she really did. She already knew how to get it all too and the tool to gain what she wanted was as usual the one thing that is oh so easy to twist and mislead. You, a weak easily seduced and corrupted male, but don’t feel bad you weren’t the first and you won’t be the last. Let me take you back to the beginning of this ill-fated sordid affair which ended up wrecking your home, brought you close to ruin, and has you know sitting across from me with your head in your hands, tears streaming down your face as you hand over $500,000 you had to go into debt for in order to be free of Julianna.

Keywords: goddess bella donna, fetish, mindfuck, sexual frustration, male desperation, helpless masturbation, seduced and rejected, for straight guys

38 min. MP3

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The chronic masturbation and cum guzzler competition!

The chronic masturbation and cum guzzler competition!

Masturbation and cum eating fantasy for straight guys!

You don’t mind that I signed you up for a little competition do you? I figured taking your addiction to jerking your cock and how your eyes glaze over at the very thought of eating your own cum into account, it would have been almost neglectful for me not do it. With your dedication to edging, chronic masturbating and your love of thick creamy cum, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if dream of masturbate all day long and eating your cum as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. If cum was a primary food source that would allow you to stay healthy you would be one happy pervert! I happened to come across a little advertisement the other day at one of the Adult Bookstores I take some of my little fags to in order to practice their cocksucking skills. After composing myself from laughing hard as I read the advertisement and double checking that this was not some hoax I couldn’t stop myself from signing you up. Seriously this competition was made for palm humper like you. 7 days of wanking and cum eating. The Winner will be declared the official Stroke off Cum Slurper King of 2016 and you even get a bronze “dick in hand plaque” for your wall. Ha I can just imagine the interesting conversations that would spark as your friends and possible girl-friends come over for a visit. *Chuckles* It’s literally a plaque in the shape of a cock being fondled and stroked by a hand with the words “Stroke off Cum Slurper King of 2016” written on the Balls! How hilarious is that? I almost want you to win just so I can take a photo of you holding it up in triumph with cum still drying on your lips! Well enough teasing I guess I better give you the details now. I can see you are already growing a bit impatient to practice!

Keywords: goddess bella donna, chronic masturbation, cum eating competition, humiliation, erotic audio, fantasy, for straight guys, original story recording

13 minutes MP3

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From Boyfriend to Sissy Cuckold Wife

From Boyfriend to Sissy Cuckold Wife

Audio Series Complete and Written Version Complete

Full Series Specials available

The series is called: “From Boyfriend to Sissy cuckold wife” and It’s save for you straight cuckolds / sissies as well. If you read the description under each individual part of the Audio Series you will see the full Story Line unfold.

I have decided to give you multiple options for purchase on this one.

You may either enjoy them as a single Story (each can be a stand alone) or as the full series which takes you from start to finish.

In each Part I talk to you directly as your Girlfriend who becomes your cuckolding Mistress Wife.
Part 1 is in the present, while Parts 2 to 5 tell you in the Past Tense as a “What happened the day before” recount.

Usually I always do something for my bi sissies or faggot cuckolds, but this time I thought it would be nice to give those among my straight sissies and cuckolds something to enjoy.

Now take look at the individual parts but don’t forget to check out the Special Packages I have put together for you via Niteflirt Option only on the bottom as well.

I hope you will enjoy this Series.

I am sorry darling but you’ll have to be My sissy (Part 1) 11 min. 30 seconds. This is the initial conversation your Girlfriend ( I ) have with you in which I explain to you that I just can’t stand looking at you any longer and if you want to be with me you’ll have to agree to be my sissy. Panty wearing is the start out and a bit of emasculating Humiliation.
Niteflirt Option: $17.00
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Your sissification continues my dear (Part 2) 11 min. 45 seconds.
Now that you have chosen to agree to be my sissy your sissification continues. Sissy discipline, mild spanking, panties at work place, and finding out that you’ll be going with dressed as a sissy to your favorite strip club tonight… *straight face*
Niteflirt Option: $17.00
Clips4Sale Option: $16.99 Buy Now

Those sissy changes and embarrassments just keep on coming (Part 3) 6 min. 15 seconds.
Here you find out what happened the night before at the strip club, are made to purchase Maxi Pads, are informed that your male clothing is being replaced with female clothing , and oh yes .. you are told to prepare for strapon sex.
Niteflirt Option: $9.00
Clips4Sale Option: $8.99 Buy Now

Strapon Sex is for sissies and a hint of cuckold future (Part 4) 8 min. 19 seconds.
Your progress as a Sissy is coming along nicely now. This time I talk about last nights strapon sex, take you a little further with your sissy humiliation, and let you know what to expect when My friend and fellow Cuckoldress will come over with her sissy cuckold patsy and her Bull Frank.
Niteflirt Option: $11.00
Clips4Sale Option: $10.99 Buy Now

Your sissy cuckold wife future revealed (Part 5 – Final Part) 11 min. 37 seconds
Now that you had your first taste of cream pie and watched Sandy and sissy cuckold patsy in action (you watched Patsy fluff), I am telling you a little more about your sissy cuckold future and what it means for you to be My sissy cuckold wife.
Niteflirt Option: $17.00
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Niteflirt ONLY – List and Blog only Special!

This is a LIST special and in it you receive all 5 Audios of the Series. Via this special so you get a price break by purchasing all 5 Audio Parts at once. Total playtime between all of those audios is roughly 49 min. If you purchase them singular it would cost you a total of $71.00. You are getting a $21.00 savings via this PPV below!
$50.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

Can’t afford the Audios but want to partake in the fun anyways? No problem my darlings, Goddess has you covered. You can purchase the 5 part Series in the written version instead!
Part 1: I am sorry darling but you’ll have to be my Sissy (5 Pages)
Part 2: Your sissification continues my dear (4 Pages)
Part 3: Those sissy changes and embarrassments just keep on coming (2 Pages)
Part 4: Strapon Sex is for sissies and a hint of cuckold future (3 Pages)
Part 5: Your sissy cuckold wife future revealed (3 Pages)
Niteflirt Option only: $20.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

I hope you will enjoy this Series. A quick note to let you know, that a follow up Series to this one will be released in September 2016 in both Audio and written format to take you from the “straight sissy cuckold wife” to My bi Nullo sissy cuckold bitch.

So I’d advise for you to begin with this Series before moving on to the next one once it is released.

Goddess Bella Donna

Gloryhole cock sucking and anal stretching Task MP3

Gloryhole cock sucking and anal stretching Task MP3

Audio Task for Faggots and Sissies

You have 7 days to accomplish the Gloryhole Cock Sucking and Anal Stretching Task I have given you in this Audio Recording. This is both for Sissies and Faggots. Warning high cock count. 4 min. 31 seconds.

Niteflirt Option: $5.99 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

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Corrupt the married Pastor and his wife

Corrupt the married Pastor and his wife

A new adulterous corruption assignment!

Audio or written option

Oh boy do I have an assignment for you today my satanic slave and adulterous corrupter and yes this will be a bit of a challenge for you. Not to mention you are called upon to not only corrupt a highly religious woman this time but her husband who is the Pastor of his congregation as well. You are going to have to introduce the sins of adultery, sodomy, vanity and lust into their life. Once you succeed in this assignment my dark minion, you will have opened up a Pandora’s Box of doom not just for the couple but the congregation they are supposedly spiritual guides and leaders of. As I said this assignment is HUGE!

Pastor Mark and his lovely wife Mary have been the Shepherds of their congregation for the last 10 years now. Both of them are completely devoted to each other and deeply devoted to the service and word of God. It’s almost spew inducing in its righteousness. They are very highly respected in their Parrish and have the favor of the Cardinal as well. Recently they have been set the task of eradicating adultery within their Church and have begun to counsel couples who are having marital problems in order to help them to stay on the straight and narrow course.

I am sure you can see where that is both a big problem as well as a great opportunity for Hell to benefit once the couple has fallen from grace them-selves.

From what I see in our records here and what you should know is that Pastor Mark is suffering from a case of ED and is unable to gain and keep a full erection. That is an issue that has become more frequent over the last year and which is a weakness within their marital bond. Not that his cock was ever that impressive to begin with at a length of 4.5 inches fully hard on his best day in the past.

Between the two of them Mary has a higher sex-drive and has just entered the prime of her life where sex is something she is starting to not only truly enjoy but feels she needs on a more frequent base now. You should also know that Mary never had sex with another man and has no idea just how big cocks can actually get. Being the good woman she is, she has remained 100% faithful to her husband and has suffered silently from the dissatisfaction she is experiencing now.

Further records show that Pastor Mark has had a period of experimentation’s of the sexual kind in cross dressing, sexual submission to men and was easily intimidated by big cocked men who showcased a certain amount of authority over him when he was much younger and long before he answered the call to serving God.
That should give you all the information you need to draw on in order to understand the assignment as I lay it out to you now.

Keywords: satanic goddess, sin, adultery, corruption assignment, dark minion task, blaspheme, mindfuck, goddess bella donna

28 min. 42 seconds. MP3

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For those of you who can’t afford the Audio Version, you can get the written Version instead:

Niteflirt ONLY – Written Version – 11 Pages
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Eternal Gay Fag Lust Hex MP3

Eternal Gay Fag Lust Hex MP3

With or without Photo option


Eternal Gay Fag Lust Hex MP3 & Pic

Eternal Gay Fag Lust Hex cenNiteflirt Option ONLY is with PHOTO included in Goody Bag (Photo is uncensored in Goody Bag at size 433 X 640)

MMM I am casting a Eternal Gay Fag Lust Hex on you (Pic Image – HOT ) which you simply can’t escape. The MP3 is the Eternal Gay Fag Lust Hex as I cast it. Multiple Layers, left and right mindfuck layer, Hex top layer and “moans as well as lower level chant” interspersed. You little Spell loving Faggots don’t want to miss out on this one!
$16.66 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

Clips4Sale Option has ONLY the MP3 (NO PHOTO)

$8.99 Buy Now

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